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So brandon went to the store to buy food while I went to the doctor to see what it was (1hr later) do I got my results and it is twins I can't wait to tell brandon ohh I'm so happy so on my way home I had so pain and felt kicking I was now 2 weeks so I pulled up in the drive way and I went in the house babr I yelled to see I brandon was home I herd the sink running so I went up the stairs quite and busted in the door scring him he jumped he started chasing me than I ran and hid he finally found me and thru me in the bed tickling me I was trying to say stop but I wouldn't come out I was Laughing to hard he finally stopped babe what sex is the baby he asked both I said were having twins he picked me up and swang me around he was so happy and so was I was going to call and tell people

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