Akatsuki's thoughts

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All I want is to be like my father. To run our pack with peace. I wasn't suppose to be pack leader. My brother was. But he was killed, when I was still young so father raised me to be the leader.

One day my father brought me with him for a shifter peace meeting. The meeting was in the dragon lands. They were meeting Nia, the great red dragon. Father said that she been his friend for years. When we got there Nia was playing with a little girl.

At the time I was ten and the little girl looked four. The girl spotted us first and her eyes were different colors. One brown and the other green. They were beautiful.

Nia and little girl walks over to us. Nia smiles and hugs my father. She looks at me than the little girl. "Will you play with my daughter, while me and your father talk," said Nia.

My father and Nia walk away. The little girl looks at me. She just looks at me. I didn't know what to do. Then she smiled. "Will you be nice to me," she asked.

I nod. "My name is Akatsuki. What's yours?"


Nyx was so cute and sweet. But she had a hidden sadness about her.

My father and Nia come back, hours later. Nyx had fallen asleep. Nia smiles, "take care of my baby okay?"

I didnt understand why Nia said that. Not until Nia was killed.

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