Rejects. Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2.
What Thomas Saw.

'Hey dad, could you sign this permission slip to... dad? Where are you?' Thomas yelled.'DAD??!!!'
It was a week after the news, and the constable had still not found the burglars. Thomas couldn't see his dad.Oh i remember now, Thomas thought.Pete had gone to answer the door when someone rang the doorbell.Thomas walked down the stairs and saw his dad standing in the doorway, talking to one of his friends who was handing him a box, saying. 'Yeah, see if you can make it but if its bad...'
'I've been doing this for years and my father before me. Don't you think I can handle it?'

They noticed him walking up and the man walked out the door.Thomas recognized the man's receding back as Mr.Percival.One of their familys old friends.'What did he need you to fix?' Thomas questioned.
'Just a small project that he needs me to finish.' Pete answered.
Thomas thought that was fair enough as his father's friends knew Pete was a tinkerer and came to him often with things like clocks or lamps.
'He's coming to pick it up next week.'
From the first word that Pete told him, Thomas knew it was a lie. Pete's friends never came to pick the things up. at first Thomas put it down to forgetting the date or his dad dropped it off to them during the times when he was at school, but that seemed to become more and more unlikely as the years passed. How long had he lapped up the little stories about things like that. Thomas merely nodded and his father went down to the basement that he had turned into a sort of workshop. All that day he wondered why his father lied to him. A buzzing noise came from downstairs. His dad would be in the workroom, welding most likely.What did he do down there? He wondered. What other lies has he been fed for fourteen years? He got so worked up over it he set himself to finding out. He had been living in silence for too long. Thomas thought savagely. Lola trotted up the stairs, with her tongue hanging out. She was startled when Thomas came clumping down the stairs. She trotted with him, toward the workshops door. When they reached it however, she backed away, whining and pawing her muzzle. Thomas knew his dad kept it locked even when he was in there but he was so psyched up however he was ready to break the door down. He didn't need to as the door was unlocked. Thomas stumbled back as the door swung on its hinges, revealing the room he had been denied access from for so long.
It was never unlocked! Thomas thought. He finally got over the shock and reset his mind back to his work.
He took the steps two at a time until he finally emerged into the tiny world that he had been kept from for so long.Thomas's eyes flitted from thing to thing until they finally rested on something horrible. His father leaning over a body, lying on a stainless steel bench, unmoving.

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