Chapter 2

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"so what makes you busy anthony?", eunice asked. she's feasting on a fried fish. a file of fishbones are on a separate plate.

"well, my wife and i manages a small business, a coffee shop and we are planning on branching out, so we're actually planning it all now to make sure everything is set before our first child is born",

"wow, congratulations to both of you", eunice said smiling broadly, then she turned to charles and asked, "so what about you charles? what do you do? what occupies your time?",

"nothing much. i'll just be here in a month time. ill be staying in the us again for good i think", he could hardly said those things because he saw how tiffany almost dropped the food she's about to eat. but he pretends not to noticed it, "i grew up in new york, new york with my mom, and just went here for college and worked in the us after, i went back 2 years ago here to take my masters degree, aside from that, i also paint",

"oh i see, you mean painting figures? or yung parang mga mukha ng tao?", eunice murmured, she saw charles vomed to answer her question. she then gave her friend tiffany a quick glance, before continuing with asking charles again, " aside from it, i wanted to ask, do you have a girlfriend in the us? anthony said you're single but i wanna hear it from you",

charles took a quick sip on his drink before looking back at eunice. " none, im single, and it's not really my focused at the moment",

tifanny, raised her eyebrow upon hearing that. was it a pain she felt inside? charles is not into relationshio. why was she disappointed anyway? akala niya ba hindi siya affected pero bakit ganto nararamdaman niya ngayon? bakit parang biglang may kumurot sa puso niya. humiwa siya sa laman ng sugpo. sa sobrang lakas ng pagkakahiwa, halos gumuhit ang ingay niyon na parang napupunit na bakal. nakakangilo sa pandinig. napatingin siya sa mga kasama na napatigil sa pag-uusap sa ginawa niya. nahihiyang tumingin sa mga ito bago humingi ng dispensa. " im sorry, masarap kasi, naenjoy ko lang",

" you need help with that?", charles asked.

"no, i can manage, thank you sa offer though", she declined.

"so what about you two? what makes you busy?", anthony asked, he picked a platter of meat and caesar salad for that dinner.

"i am a writer, i enjoy writing novels, some poems and i also sometimes composes songs", she proudly said about her passion, "that is actually my passion that's why i enjoyed it alot",

"me?", tiffany gasped when she realized everyone is looking at her waiting for her answer. "i am a doctor, and i believe eunice mentioned that already, specializing in both hematology and oncology, and you know, times like this is our only way out to destress. fill up our tank again to be able to function well and help our patients the best possible way we can",

"great to hear that", anthony excitedly said that while giving charles a glimpse. he saw his friend feasting on a baby back rib. " that was a very dedicated work you've got there",


"bigla ka na lang nawala", ang sabi ni anthony when he finally found his friend. laying down on the sand looking at the sky. "mind if i join you?",

"take your space," charles said with a dry tone of voice. his been out there for almost an hour. he excused himself after finishing his food.

"what's the matter bro?", anthony asked, nakikita niya ang pagkaemosyonal ni charles at this very moment.

"wala naman, i was just thinking. magiging star kaya ako pag namatay ako?", he said trying to hide the pain in a quick giggle.

"baliw ka din ano? bat mo naman naiisip yang pagkamatay? masyado ka pang bata para isipin lahat yan",

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