Come on in. ;)

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Louis calls Harry in the dead of night.

"Harry, love"? Said Louis, in complete desperation. "Whats wrong Lou"?! Asked Harry nervously. "I had another nightmare. I don't understand why this keeps happening Harry". Said Louis ... "Hey, don't worry about it...wanna come over maybe I can make your nightmares into sweet, playful dreams"? Said Harry. "Are you sure, I mean I don't want to over step my ground". Said Louis " Come on, like really, for fucks sake you are my boyfriend, are you not"? Harry said very aggressively. Louis says " Yeah your right, I'll be right there".....

Finally Louis arrives at Harry's house. He reaches behind him an grabs his bag. Within this bag held, lubricant, condoms, and whip cream. He knew why Harry had wanted him to come stay the night. Harry had wanted to fuck Lou the day they began dating. But Lou wanted to take things slow, an easy, Harry couldn't wait any longer though. Lou zipped up his bag an walked up the steps. Poor, sweat, beautiful, Louis scared if hes good enough to satisfy his love, Harry.

Lou rings the door bell. Harry had opened the door in his pajama pants an no shirt. Louis could only look at his bare skin, so soft, smooth, like every touch he had of it would make him melt, into a steamy pool of lava. "What are you looking at"? Asked Harry. Louis looked harry in the eye, for a split second he considered telling him, but just looked down with rosy red cheeks an long lashes of harmony. Harry stepped aside an Louis stepped in the house. Harry reached an turned on the lights to the living room. "Come on in an make yourself comfortable, sweats". Said Harry.

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