Chapter 37: A Treasured Memory

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Mirrored walls everywhere, and in the center a small girl. I watch as she examines herself in the mirror, excitement glowing in her eyes. She finds herself surrounded by water, fire, earth and air. Maddie.

I hear a small gasp and turn around. A small boy, about her age. Horror, and fear plastered on her face. "MOMMY!! Monster!" The child yells.
She looks at the boy, confusion and pain in her eyes. She is no monster.

The mother comes and screams. She grabs her son, running and shouting for help. So unnecessary. Does she not see this child means no harm?

The smile and excitement disappears from her face as tears start to stain her cheeks. "Monster?" She whispers to herself, looking at the mirror again. The fire around her grows fiercer, soon she will lose control.

"Maddie?! Sweetheart!!" A women comes to.

She looks at the women, the flames go away and the water and rocks drop. She continues to cry as the kind lady wraps her arms around her. "What's wrong honey? What happened?"

"I-I'm a monster..." She whispers.

"No, no, honey. Don't say that!"

"It's true!" She cries. "Everyone says so. I'm a monster." She repeats, heartbroken.

The women tucks a piece of hair behind the child's ear.

"Not all monsters, do monstrous things."
"Sad huh?" She appears from the shadows.

"Is this a memory of yours?"

"Obviously." She laughs lightly. "Not the best one though. What are you doing here?" She is quick to change the subject.

"I have been sent by my brother and your beloved Avengers to bring you back. They could not fulfill the task on their own." I say with pride. It is true, no one else can enter her mind like I can.

Her face fills with confusion. "Huh?"

She's obviously oblivious to the situation. "My dear, you mind is being altered with."

"Yeah, by you." She scoffs. Such attitude. I love it.

"Not this time." I chuckle.

She rolls her eyes, a habit I would often punish a women for. Her level of respect for me is much more different than an Asgardian's.... It intrigues me. "So if I didn't knock out, then what?"

"What is the last thing you remember?"

"Well, I was in the mirror house." All of a sudden we are taken into her memory.

She stands at the center of the same mirrored room as her memory before. She stands at the center staring at her reflections. Each mirror showing an elemental version of herself. Amazing.

A bright light appears, and being the curious mortal she is, she touches it. The light expands, blinding us then we are taken back into the grey atmosphere of her mind.

"That was weird... But I remember it." She mutters. "Sooo, what exactly happened after that?"

"Well, my brother spoke of glowing eyes and attacks."

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