Chapter Five

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We were in deep shit. The kind that was so high up to our necks that we'd be wading in it for the rest of our lives. Think of quicksand that sucked in anything and everything within reach, never letting it escape.

That was how far Dash and I had crossed the line.


It was bad enough that I was practically devouring my cousin's fiancé behind her back, and in my mother's kitchen might I add, but the fact that someone else now knew about our secret had me ready to flee cross-country and change my name.

Rancho Cucamonga, here I come.

Rachel could get a tad bit scary when she was angry. I'd never forget what she did to that poor freshman in high school while I was a sophomore and she a senior. Though just a rumor, she thought the girl slept with her boyfriend and believed the nasty lies from her friends, and those pictures posted around school have haunted my mind ever since. Don't think the guy got off easy, either. Being nicknamed Pencil Dick was something no one could ever live down.

I shuddered from the memories, coming back to the present.

Rough hands squeezed my waist as our lips broke apart, eyes nearly black as our foreheads rested together. I tried to push him away because we had company, but he made no move to rush, rubbing his thumbs in circles against my sides and tickling me, a slow smile softening his lips. Someone needed to remind me to stay away from them because those things were deadly.

We must've been taking too long to acknowledge the visitor because a throat forcefully cleared in the entryway. Well, excuse me for feeling like jelly after I'd just been pleasantly attacked. It's not like I'd asked for it. Actually, that was debatable. My shirt hadn't been the most successful in covering up the girls, and we all know what I was lacking. Surely Dash was able to see that and feel the hardness of the tips when we'd been glued together.

He took a step back, breaking all contact between us and turned his head to look at the only other person in the house, huffing out a frustrated sigh. They still hadn't said anything, and when I finally shifted to face the cock block, I was surprised they hadn't run out the house by now, telling everyone within hearing distance about what they'd just witnessed.

As gracefully as she could in a bulky leather jacket and combat boots, the short frame leapt over the mess on the floor to stand before us, crossing her arms over her small chest and shaking her head. She didn't even have to say anything to make me feel guilty, and I turned away, cursing my body for still being in a state of arousal while I knew we were about to be scolded.

The woman made Dash clean up the pieces of the shattered glass bowl that had been covered in the pasta salad she'd brought over, not even using her voice to do so, instead waving her hand in a 'come on, hurry up' motion. As soon as the plastic bag with the shards was tied, she made us sit next to one another on the stools at the island as she paced before us, her thumb and index finger holding her chin. Low murmurings with the occasional shake of her head had me and my partner in crime eyeing each other warily, though his danced with amusement, but that only lasted a few seconds before our contact was put to an end.

"Don't look at each other!" She yelled, pointing the lime green nail of her index finger between us. "Do you two know what you've done now? I can't keep a secret to save my life!"

Dash sighed, crossing his arms over his chest from the corner of my eye. Oh, that chest... So broad and firm and how I wanted to be running my fingers up and across it again, feeling the warmth from his body covering my own, making my brain turn to mush.

What would've happened if the petite woman hadn't been in shock, causing us to jump apart? She'd scared us just as much as we'd scared her.

Oh, please. I wanted to snort at my own silly question, the voice in the back of my head answering it for me. We all know you'd be spread open on that kitchen table with him buried deep inside of you.

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