What is lost, is now found ( Nishinoya Yū )

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🎉Happy Birthday Noya!🎉
This is the second part to 'We meet again' so if you haven't read that I suggest you do, anyways I wish Nishinoya a happy-late-ish birthday and hope you are happily reading! (^∇^)


Last time...

"Yo, I'm Nishinoya Yū! But you can call me Nishinoya-senpai!" The shorter one said while pointing to himself triumphently. You giggle.
"I'm (last name) (first name) nice to meet you too Asahi-kun, Nishinoya-senpai" A blush spread across both if their faces especially Nishinoya. Then the both of realised.
"Is it really you?!?" You both say in in sync.


"Wow Yū, you've changed so much! But you're shorter than I remember" You laughed. Oh how Nishinoya had missed that laugh.
"Hey! At least I'm still taller than you!" He retorted back.

"Ahem" Daichi interrupted. The both of you stopped and realised that the whole team was still here. A pink blush spread across both of your faces.
"W-we should catch up some other time, r-right Yū?" You say stepping back trying to leave the awkward situation.
"Y-yeah, some other time" Nishinoya doing the same. But Tanaka grabbed you both.

"Okay you've got some explaining to do Mr." Tanaka says with a sparkle in his eyes.
"B-but Ryu" Nishinoya whines until he is interrupted be the stares of curiosity on his team mate's faces. Nishinoya gives a big sigh.
"Well, I suppose I could tell you" He says while scratching his neck. Tanaka put you and Nishinoya back on the ground.

After the explanation

Nishinoya had just finished explaining to the team and Tanaka had tear in his eyes.
"Teach me your ways brother" Tanaka begged Nishinoya.
"Ahhh... One day I, the greatest senpai will teach you the ways. Just not today" Nishinoya said with pride. You rolled your eyes playfully.
"Well, I'm glad you found each other again" Daichi says as he pats yours and Nishinoya's shoulders.

After being dismissed by the dad

Nishinoya had decided to walk you home.
"You really didn't have to do this Yū-chan"
"No problem it's a pleasure~" He says  bowing to you. You giggle and he looks up with a smirk. You inch closer to him.
"Thanks for everything Yū" You smile and kiss him on the cheek. He goes bright red and begins happily jumping away.
"See you tomorrow (first name)-chan~" He waves and winks, still having that adorable smile on his face.
"Bye bye to you too Yū-chan~" You say as you wave him off.

Extended ending

As soon as you get into your house your mum appears out of no where.
"So~ who was that guy~" *insert eyebrow wiggling here*
"Ohh.. just say, someone that I'd lost but now found" You say dreamily as you lean your back on the front door. Sliding onto the ground.

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