Chapter 10




This time I was the one tapping on his window.

"What do you want Peters? Couldn't bear to stay away? Come here baby" he said walking over to his window

"Gross. Don't touch me with your germ infested hands "

He rolled his eyes in reply.

I replied with the usual "Keep rolling, you might just find your br- Oh wait, you don't have one. "

"Funny. Now what do you want? " ugh. Rude much.

" I'm telling Alisha about the game. "

"WHAT? You can't do that! "

"And why not? "

"Because, Gabriella, there are rules." Oh shit, he used my first name.

"But I can't keep lying to Al. She's my best friend. And doing this alone will make me go insane. I have to tell her. "

He let out a huff. "Okay. Only and only Alisha. Because she's your best friend. And that means I'll tell Alex. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole school knew about the game soon. "

"If that happens, we'll know who to blame. Because Alisha wouldn't tell a soul."

"Are you actually serious right now? How the actual - oh my God you - I can't with you right now what the hell." Alisha screamed through the phone.

" Al, you need to-"


I rolled my eyes, and then realised that she couldn't see me.

"Futures?! Oh God Al are you serious?! And also I would've told you but Martins said not to tell anyone anything."

"Since when do you listen to Tyler? "

" I don't. And I never will. But you know, it wouldn't be fair to actually play his game by breaking his rules. Anyways now you know. "

"I still can't process this. You- oh crap I have to go. This isn't over."

I placed the phone down and stared at it for some odd reason, and I sat there staring at it for 5 whole minutes, until my stomach growled like a hungry whale.

So obviously, I went into the kitchen. "Mom, I'm hungry. "

"Hey Gabi. I was looking for you. We gotta go welcome the neighbors. I mean I know it's been 3 days since they moved, but better late then never "

I let out a groan ,  grabbed a cupcake and went upstairs to get dressed. I was in my pajamas. I closed the curtains, because Martins shouldn't see more than he deserves now, should he?

I opened my closest door and walked in. Yes, it was a walk in closet. With help from my parents, I'd transformed my room into what I'd always wanted.

I have a 90 inch TV set, complete with speakers, a walk in closet, a queen sized water bed in the middle, a bookshelf on the right side of the bed. And then a washroom, side table and a basket ball net in one corner of the room. The walls were painted black but they had these amazing white designs which basically covered up most of the black walls.

I walked into the closet and stared at the clothes for like a long time, I don't know what is it with me and staring at stuff today, then I ended up pulling out a black legging, a tank top and also cardigan so I don't look under dressed. I went back downstairs and put on my shoes.

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