Chapter 4 (Invastion)

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~Jungkook's P.O.V~

Why doesn't he understand that I am busy? I hate to yell at him like that but I don't know what came over me.

"JUST LET GO!" I yelled. He was so startled that he let go of my arm. I was surprised at myself. I didn't know I could get that angry. "Finally" I say. I walked away as quickly as possible since I don't want to be any more late than I already am. I feel bad for yelling at him like that. "Sorry Tae" I mumbled to no one. I reached my house and threw the school uniform onto my bed and grabbed my work uniform from my closet and ran out the door.

~After Work~

The boss wasn't that upset I noticed. I hope he stays this way. I take out my house keys and open my door.

"HEY JUNGKOOK I KNOW YOU'RE HOME GET YOUR ASS IN HERE." I heard my father yell. Why can't he let me rest? "Ok dad." I say back. I walked to his study and stood by the door. "You have a "friend" or so he calls himself in your room. I let him in about 10 minutes ago" he said though the door. Friend? I don't have any friends. "He looked rich so be nice and don't be a bitch like you normally are." My father said. Whatever... "Yes sir." I sighed.

I walked up the creaky stairs to my room. They've always made this sound and I've come to love it. To me it's the sound of safety awaiting me in my room. I opened my door and behold laying on my bed reading a comic was Taehyung. My safety has been soiled. I said in my head.

As soon as he saw me he jumped off my bed and bounced over to me. "KOOKIEEEEE!" He yelled. "You're finally home it took you forever. So this is where you live huh? It's not a typical house for the people attending my school though..." He said with a puzzled look on his face. I just stood there, I was so shocked that he knew where I lived I don't know if I'm mad or happy that he's here. So I decided to go with mad.

"What the hell are you doing in my house?" I whispered to him. I didn't want to disturb my dad or else I'll get a beating after Tae leaves. He shrugged, "I don't know."

I face-palmed. Now what? Why does he even care to know where I live? I mean he's really attractive and all and I can't believe he's in my room but I don't understand him at all. And what's with the name he keeps calling me?

"Yah, why do you keep calling me Kookie? It's weird." I told him. "It's cute dontcha think?" He smiled. When he said that I blushed a bit but I walked around him to my bed to lay down.

"Hey I know you came all this way but I'm tired and it's late so can't you leave?" I said, I just really want to sleep. He walked the the foot of my bed and sat on it. "Hey you know your dad seems like a really big jerk. When I knocked on the door he yelled at me for disturbing his work. Then he just went dead silent when he looked me over and invited me in." He complained. Tell me about it, you don't even know the half of it. "I'm sorry about my dad Taehyung. He can be nice if he wants to be, but what do you want me to do about it?" I teased.

"How about you let me have your time after school tomorrow since you yelled at me about it earlier?" He asked, he smiled and got closer by a couple of steps. That smile is perfection. I thought, I cleared my throat and speed back. "Um... I have to do somethings later tomorrow." No I don't I have a day off because of school.

"Ok well then that settles it I'll see you after school tomorrow!!! I hope we get the same classes." He said. "Bye Kookie, sleep well." He said. He walked out of my room and I heard him descend the stairs, he said goodbye to my father he excused himself from the house.

"Bye Tae" I whispered after he left.

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