Me:I'm gonna get a glass of malk with cookies.

Elsa:Stop saying malk. It's getting annoying. --__--"

Me:°^° Malk?


Me:Just saying malk.*derp face*

Elsa:*WTH look*Stop.

Me:No. Maaalllkkk.

Elsa:Stop it!

Me:Nooooooo I ssaaayyy mmmaaaallllkkkkk!!!

Elsa:SHUT UP!!!!

Me: ..........

Elsa:Finally.*sighs of relief*

Me:Malk.*troll face*

Elsa:*eye twitches*OK THATS IT!!!!*freezes my mouth*

Me:*gets a white board and marker and writes the word 'malk' and shows it to Elsa with derp face*


Me:*sweatdrops and runs away*

Elsa:*chases after me*

Yeah,I was bored. No update for a while cuz exams are near in 2 weeks. --__--" And I'm not aloud to use mah phone 4 a while. I'm using my dad's phone.*shrugs*Have some stuff.*throws Oreos,soda,ice cream,malk,and cookies to crowd and also a creeper*So yeah,ciao!

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