I sat there on my bedroom floor, counting down the minutes left. A small cupcake sat in front of me, perfectly decorated. A single candle stick out of the top with the number 16 on top. My small clock read the number 10:48pm and I blew out the candle as I made my wish. To leave here.

The room was dark and gloomy, it was at the top of the tower that I spent all my time in. I wanted to leave, it's not like I couldn't. My dad wouldn't care, he wouldn't notice. The problem is where to go, not many people know about my existence and the ones that do are too far away to reach. But it was my wish and I wanted to do it.

It was one of those '30 seconds of insane bravery', I get them a lot. My dad hates my courage, he wants to strike me down. I live to please him and as much as I hate him, I want to please him. I want him to be proud of me. To hug me and tell me everything is ok. It's hard to explain. All I know is that he isn't worth it anymore. I have wasted away in this room, starved myself, hating myself. I've done everything you can imagine.

Except leave.

I don't know why I haven't before, why I haven't left stark tower. The place that imprisons me. I have left, just not for good. I always come back to the luxury life that come with being tony Stark's daughter. To the hatred, anger and loneliness that comes with him. Tony stark, my pathetic excuse for a father. I was dumped on his door step and being the Saint that he is he kept me. He hated me the entire time, ignored me, was never pleased with me.

I threw some clothes in to a bag and left, I walked out of my doors and in to the kitchen. I grabbed all the fruit that my father doesn't eat and got in the elevator. It stopped at ground floor and I walked right out. No guards to stop me, even J.A.R.V.I.S didn't say anything.

The streets were dark and I was scared momentarily by the fact that anything could happen. I started running from the tower and my previous life. I wanted to start over, become someone new. Water began to spring down from the sky, the storm clouds came rolling in like soldiers. Invincible soldiers.

Across the road in the darkness I saw someone watching me. I started walking faster but they just stood there staring. I went to turn again one more time to check that he was still there when I felt a sharp pain in my arm. I looked over to see a man net to me and a needle in my arm. Not long after I fell unconscious, completely at the mercy of these men.


I awoke in a strange room, dressed in a hospital gown. The room was very white and looked like a room that surgery would take place in. Next to me was a table that had many different needle all full of different coloured liquids. A mirror sat next to the needles, it was small and silver but it would do. Glancing in the mirror I saw a girl that could not be me. My usually light blonde hair was now dirty and dishevelled as though I had just been through hell. My bright blue eyes had no sparkle, they were dull and void of life. Deep purple bags hung under my eyes and I looked like I hadn't slept in weeks. I had a large bruise on cheek, just under my eye.

" I see you have woken, we will begin soon "

A strange man said as he walked in to the room. He held a clipboard and had a slightly sadistic look on his face. His coat was long and leather, he looked rugged up so it must be cold wherever we are.

" My name is Wolfgang von Strucker, and I am the leader of HYDRA. You will be one of my experiments, I aim to enhance you, to create something more. But you would already know me, wouldn't you miss. Stark? "

The man gave of a vibe that screamed at me to run but what he had said had caught my interest. To be enhanced? I could become a hero, an agent at HYDRA, sure I had been aiming for S.H.E.I.L.D but what does it matter, my dad can finally realise that maybe I was worth keeping. I wanted to prove that I was better, I wanted to beat iron man.

" Yes, I will willingly be an experiment, and I have heard of HYDRA mad yourself. My father hates you "

The man slowly walked towards me as more people filled the room. Men and women combined all with lab coats and a cautious look on their faces.

" get to work! "

Strucker commanded as he left the room. A women with a gentl smile on her face approached me. She picked up a needle and injected me cause a sharp pain to enter my body. I was slowly slipping from consciousness and loosing my grip on the world. Then my body was on fire, burning and dying. I felt like I was surrounded, I was drowning in it. The pain was so strong I screamed out. The agony was all to much. I slipped away from the world once more.

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