Chapter 65-The Overwhelmed View

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272:Look around... This place looks so...

G.M*looks around*..Huh...*realized*


G.M:*nods*...*shakes head*Eh still looks the same

272:Eh?*looks at him*What?

G.M:I mean come on...Trees?... Grasses? Still look the same.

272:Yea but still something is more....*eyes widen and looks up*

G.M:More what?

272:...*points up*That..

G.M:..*looks up*...*sees the moon*Huh?

272:.. We really are in the overwhelmed... Huh

G.M...It's... bright

272:Yea...So now-*hears talking*...*eyes widen and looks back*

G.M:*hears and looks*

*some sounds of the humans, were wondering around the woods. Some had some flashlights and dogs were barking near by*

272:..*gulps a bit*..

G.M:...*quickly pulls her arm and goes behind a tree with her*

272:*gasp and looks at him*

G.M:*looks around the tree*..?*sighs and whispers*Damn it

272:..What?- Oh I mean...*whispers* What?

G.M:There's a lot of humans here... They don't go to sleep

272:*scoff* You can say that again *pulls out my knife* Lets attack

272:*looks at him* Wait what?

G.M:*looks at her*..You know..Attack? Seeing the humans, covered in blood and stuff?

272:..You mean, right now?

G.M:*rolls eyes*No tomorrow- yes right now!!


G.M:*holds it up more* Well?'s Uhh... Do it uhh... Somewhere else?

G.M:What? Why? I mean, there's people are just right there.. We can take them.. Right?

272:Yea I know but...

G.M:*rise a brow*

272:...Can we like do it, where there's not a lot people?

G.M:Like a family house?

272:Yea..Yea! Like that! Or an abandoned building, maybe less people are there!

G.M:..*sighs*.. Why?

272:I don't know ok?...Look can we just... Go and find one?

G.M:..Fine.. Whatever...

272: *sighs in relief* Yea-

G.M:But we have to do it quickly or Jack and M.L will be back and heh... I don't wanna get in big trouble, got it?

272:..*nods* Yea yea I got it

G.M:Good.. Now move

272:Hump.. Fine*walks ahead

G.M:*puts my knife away and follows after her*

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