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The Frosty Kingdom is what our new kingdom is now called. Last week was Rapunzel's wedding, two weeks from now was Merida's wedding. Sheesh, people be getting married more than the times I got attacked by a shark. Vanessa was never heard from again, although it was funny to play jokes on her every now and then. She would only talk if she needed food or water. Rarely.

"Elsa, look it!" Ariel nudged on my arm tightly. "Whoa!" I snapped out of my train of thoughts before paying attention to Ariel. She and Eric took great care of their bundle of joy, considering I babysit half of the time but sure, it was fun to have Melody around.

"The village is having a party again!" Ariel exclaimed as she looked out from the palace windows. I looked out seeing the townspeople partying, laughing, having the time of their lives.

"We should go!" Ariel was already racing out. "Hang on okay?" I fixed my gown with a smile. "Gotcha!" Ariel said before she left.

Third POV

"Jack!" Elsa ran down the hallway and into his office. His golden crown tilted sideways on his fluffy white hair, his blue suit that resembled snowflakes and winter, and finally the way he always has that smirk that made Elsa's day.

"Mhm?" Jack took a moment to look at his wife. "There's a party down in the village. Want to go? You seem so stressed considering you're the king now." Elsa sat on his desk beside the stack of papers and contracts.

It was true, Jack was king now since he's the eldest. His mom died peacefully in her sleep right after Rapunzel's wedding, a smile plastered on her face.

"Sure why not?" Jack put his crown on his desk then raced down the stairs. "Cheater!" Elsa was sliding down the metal handrails to get down faster. "Am not!" Jack jokingly laughed. "I win!" Elsa cheered once her feet touched the wooden floor. "Fine, now I heard they had cupcakes." Jack picked Elsa up on his back and raced out.

Music blasted from the violins and guitars, people crowding around vendors to get their food, chalk drawings of the royal snowflake and seashell.

"Woo!" Elsa used her magic to change her clothes into a spring inspired dress. Small lotus flowers on her green, shimmering cape and much more green and pink. (Frozen Fever Elsa)

"Now my sweet, how about a dance?" Jack held out his hand. "I'll punch you again if you call me, my sweet, again." Elsa joked as she took Jack's hand.

"Ooh how about this? And that!" Rapunzel pointed to the cupcakes. "Relax, I only have three gold." Flynn laughed, pulling out his small sack of coins. "Oops, I'm just so excited! It's not everyday that there's a party." Rapunzel held onto Flynn's arm as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Here you go." Flynn smiled when he handed Rapunzel her cupcakes. "Thanks, now let's go!" She dragged Flynn to the library. "Hiya guys!" Belle greeted her usual customers. "Hi, did you get any new books?" Rapunzel asked excitedly. Belle nodded, bringing a whole box of books onto the counter.

"Whoa," Flynn said in shock. "Let's get reading!" Rapunzel pulled Flynn into their corner of the library which they spent the evening reading 'The Adventures of the Lost Princess and The Thief'

"What the," Hiccup left his mouth open when he saw Merida in a dress. "Close yer mouth Romeo." Merida laughed. "Why are you wearing a dress? I mean you wear dresses all the time but not this kind." Hiccup ruffled his hair nervously.

"Why 'ot?" Merida teased.

Hiccup laughed, pulling her close to his chest before giving her a peck.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure-measure a year

Everyone gathered on the top of the castle, waving to the villagers.

In daylights- in sunsets
In midnites- in cups of coffee
In inches- in miles
In laughter- in strife

Fireworks blew up in the background of the castle, the waves splashing against the castle towers, Dolphins rising from the waves, even Sebastian danced along to the music.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure a year in the life

Elsa kissed Jack who blew snowflakes around the kingdom. Elsa made bubbles float around the kingdom. Rapunzel blew roses everywhere. Hiccup made a fire dragon flying around, that resembles his shark, Toothless. Merida made fire bears standing on each corner of the kingdom, Flynn made the sun brighter to make the bubbles shimmer but not too bright for the snowflakes to melt.

Season of Love..

-The End-

A/N: Hi Hi! Hope you enjoyed it, considering it took me forever to write this. *Wipes Sweat off forehead*

Again, no sequel. #Sorrynotsorry

I'll be making a new book, not saying the name, but it'll appear once I'm finished with Secrets and Lies. What names for a girl would be cool? I'm looking for two or three girl names.

Then for the guys, I'll need three to five names.



Also, it won't be Jelsa.

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