Chapter 6

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Right in front of me was the people who welcomed me into their home after the incident. They gave me a confused looked, while I was too shock to even speak. Dean on the other hand seemed unbothered from what was going on.

"So as you all can see Luna and I are married. And this beautiful little girl here is my daughter by marriage now." Dean said breaking the silence.

"When did this happen?" Vince asked unfazed.

"We just had the wedding last night. you see we wanted to make it a secret little ceremony and well since I like keeping my personal life private well I didn't want the word going around that I was going to well more like got married to the princess of the authority.' Dean says.

"Well it seems unlikely you and Luna could ahve4 gotten married out of the blue considering she was always with us." Hunter says.

"Well it seems like my baby here had her dirty little secrets now." Dean says kissing my cheek.

"Luna we need you to be honest with us and don't let him be the one to control you on this, did he honestly make you marry him as in you two dated secretly and then you guys wanted marriage?" Vince asked me.

"I-I do I answer this? I said thinking to myself.

"Nothing that she doesn't want to answer doesn't give you guys the right to force her to say. She is my wife and I will keep her out of the whole media." Dean says.

"Look Dean we just want to know why Luna never told us about you. We would have given Luna the okay to be with you if she wanted too." Stephanie said.

" No I needed her to be away from all the media. She is my world along with my new daughter. I want them to be kept out of the public eye, the reason for her not telling anyone about us." Dean said.

"Luna please tell us this isn't true?" Stephanie says.

"It is." I said admitting defeat.

"Luna why would you keep this from us? We trust you and we have never ever judged you. We brought you in and you became like a little sister to me. You gave our family a new meaning to love someone else who won our hearts. "Steph said.

"Look I didn't want any of this to happen okay. It just happen and there." I said a little too harsh.

All three of them looked at me in shock. Dean just looked amused knowing he has won. I can see the disappointed look on their faces but what shocked me was what Vince was about to say.

"Alright since you two are now married we expect you two to be in the public. Since Dean you are becoming a very popular man in our roster we want you to be seen with our most important family member. Luna here has brought us together in many ways and I think it's time that you as her husband take on the role to be there for her. She will still be working for us and still be apart of our family but we will not be involved in your marriage. Luna here has made a choice and that has consequences. we trusted her and seeing she didn't trust us in telling us about you two we have no choice but to replace her as our main crew member. She will not be a diva but more like a valet for you. As you have requested we will give you that. I can see why you wanted her so close all these months. Never did it cross my mind why you wanted this but I see why." Vince says rubbing his neck.

"Please don't make me switch jobs. I didn't want this to affect us in any way." I said with a tearing coming down my cheek.

"Look Luna we just need time to adjust is all, for now you will be with Dena in a valet role so that means no one will harm you in anyway okay. If anyone lays a finger on you then we will step in. your still apart of our family okay and we will not let anyone hurt you. Just let us get our thoughts in right and we will have Anna, and Monica get all your things packed up and ready to move in with your husband." Vince says.

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