i choose mark part 3

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I let go of Mark's hand and madmy way to the kitchen. I grabbed a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave.


I grabbed the popcorn and made my way to the living room. I walked in and saw no one there. I got a bit worried. I looked around...but no one was to be seen. All of a sudden I felt something grab my waist. I jumped and dropped my popcorn all over the floor. "HERES JOHNNY!!!" I heard Mark say. I sigh and thought that I need to get him back.


Everyone went to sleep except for Mark and I. I was trying to think up of something. "Hey (y/n) you OK?" Mark asked. I looked at him and smiled. "Year why wouldn't I be." He got a bit closer. "Well you know they are asleep now.." Mark shrugged. I smirked since now I had my plan. "OK let's go Mark." We both made our way to my room. I layed on the bed while Mark closed and locked the door. "Wait!" I told him jumping up. " I need to get something." Mark opened the door and made way.

Mark's POV

I sat on the bed waiting for (y/n).

(Two hours later)

I got tired of waiting. I got up to go search for (y/n).

(Y/n)'s POV

Everything was finally in place. I wait it out until I heard footsteps come. Its show time.

Mark's POV

Everything was pitch black. I walked into the living seeing a tablet on the table. It was on. I walked up to it and imeditaly knew what was on. Its the cameras from 5 nights at Freddy's. I sat down on the couch and picked it up.

(Y/n)'s POV

I put the mask on and made my way behind Mark. I turned on the Freddy laugh. Mark turned around. He then just smiled. "Aww you trying to get me back?" Mark said taking the mask of me. I sighed. "How did you know its me?" I asked. "I knew it was you since for one I scared you earlier. Number two your beauty shined through the mask." I laughed knowing that he was just being weird. "You don't mean that." I told him. He got closer and started to kiss me. "I mean every single word." He said. I started to blush. We then made our way back into the bedroom.

To be continued....


Sorry that this chapter is short also for not updating for years... Hoped you enjoyed this chapter..

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