chapter 3

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So what are you??? A human, a vampire,a werewolf or -.. I'm a vampire. I cut her off she's so noisy ... She just smile like as if i don't said something horrible
. aren't you afraid of me??? I ask here. Nope why would I ??? I just raised an eyebrow to her. Are u beating up with me? I said in a dangerous tone . haha of course not because if you want to kill me ,ginawa no na agad agad kanina pa lang.. She said.. What the hell is your talking about??? I said because I really don't understand what she said after the kill me word. What ?? Haha I thought your powerful ? She said.. I'm powerful but I'm not a fucking translator ... Okay then she said . well you know I thought vampire is not true!! Now is not your thought anymore because its true . I said she's interesting,maybe she know something. Were here in the steel door and she. Type something ,and the door is open and a room that is so small theres nothing inside . I look at her with confused look is this your room?? What a fucking small .I said. What she just look at me amazingly ,,really you don't know this??? Hahahaha . she said while laughing and grab my hands to get inside . Dug Dug Dug.. A loud sounds. Coming from my chest . what happen to me??? She let go my hand. So what's funny?? I said like a warning tone . nothing she answered and that makes her to shut up. This thing called as an elevator. This is the way through to my room

To be continue

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