Chapter 12

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Is he kissing me? OMG my heart is about to explode! What should I do? Should I push him away? Or should I just wait and just tell him I like him? Omg?!?!? 슈가 오빠 just kissed me!!

Suga pulls away and walks back to the couch. I stood there not knowing what to do beside walk around thw house so no one could tell my face was red. I wondered around the house knowing it was the guys dorm. I walk into a room with a computer on a desk, walls covered, music sheets everywhere on the desk, but the bed was made. I stared and looked around for a long time. I heard the door open so I sat in the desk chair and messed with the computer.

" What are you doing in here? "

"Oh you know snooping because I have nothing better to do" I giggled and turned around, it was Jungkook

"Oh! Jungkookie ^^ What's up?" I asked

" 형, is going to be mad that you are in here 누나." He said slightly scared.

I stared at him in confusion of him being scared "Which one? Is it Suga?"
'Oh good because if it is I'm going to go through his stuff wanting to kiss me and not telling me anything.'

He looked down "Yes it is Suga's room. I don't want you to get in trouble 누나. Please just come on lets go before he finds you."

I stood up and wake over to him and placed my hand on his shoulder " Jungkook don't worry okay. I'll be fine just go finish eating so I can help you with you English. 알았어?"

" 알았어 누나" He walked back to the living room to finish eating.
I walked back over to the desk going through the computer and found music. I played it at a low volume to listen. 'I wonder if he will get mad if I tinker with it. I did go to a music school in America.'

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