chapter 86

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Cherry walked down the streets of Acmetropolis and waved her hand. Simon stuck his tongue out in disgust and babbled darkly.

"I smell a rat..." Cherry commented. "Or should I say skunk?" She could tell by the expression on Simon's face that he agreed with her. She then walked off, going to find Pierre as the Loonatics were looking for Patch and Duck.

"Yo, Cherry!" Ace noticed her with Simon.

"Maman!" Felicity ran to her mother's legs and hugged them. "We are looking for Pièce and Canard." she explained.

"I know." Cherry said.

"They were taken away." Tech added.

"I know..." Cherry narrowed her eyes slightly.

"By that one French guy!" Lexi put in.

"I know!" Cherry told them as her eyes flashed slightly to make them stop telling her what she already knew. "I know, I saw in my book while I was doing housework.... Pierre Le Pew took them."

"Oh, then I guess we didn't need to tell you." Ace said.

Cherry sighed, rolling her eyes. "I thought it was a little too quiet around here without that Duck..."

"Maman, you know who this Pierre is?" Felicity asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it..." Cherry sounded dreadful, even more than usual.

"Sounds like the guy is someone that you really don't want to talk about, Aunt Cherry." Vincent said.

"Nooo..." Cherry rolled her eyes sarcastically. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

"But you do know him, right?" Felicity asked.

"Yes..." Cherry nodded softly to her daughter. "Your brother does too."

Felicity looked curiously to Simon.

"Your other brother." Cherry corrected.

"Ohh, that makes much more sense." Felicity said, understanding.

Cherry gently stroked her hair. "You know your brother Thomas has a different father..."

"Oui, but Papa raised him like his own son before me or Simon were born..." Felicity nodded.

Cherry groaned with a slight sigh.

"Monsieur Le Pew is Thomas's papa, isn't he, Maman?" Felicity asked.

"I'm afraid so..." Cherry mumbled.

"What?! How is that possible?" Vincent asked her.

"Yeah, how is that possible?" Slam added.

Cherry slowly shut her eyes and sighed, shaking her head. "It's a very long story..." she didn't want to talk about this, but she felt like she had no choice. "You see, when I was younger and found out who my real family was, I was placed under strict protection. I was forbidden to leave the castle grounds without an escort... However, on my eighteenth birthday, my father actually decided to let me go out without an escort. When I did, I found myself in the streets and wondered what to do with myself... I actually had wanted to run away the year before, but since I got used to my environment and had to live with never seeing the people who raised me as their own child ever again, I had gotten used to it and I stumbled through the common streets of where we lived where people did not know who we were or where we came from."

"Wow, so was that when you met him?" Slam asked.

"Yes..." Cherry said as she sat down to tell them the story. "He thought I looked so lost and alone so he decided to let me come to his place... I have to admit, it was a very nice place, very rich and exotic... I was very angry with my father because he wanted to make me marry someone he and my grandmother who was the Queen of our land wanted... I was so angry that I decided to stay with Pierre... However, he got aggressive and it left a very unpleasant result on me and I ran away back home, avoiding him as much as I could..."

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