Chapter 46

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After Hanna tells Cali what happened, Mr. Parker gets put in a hospital room. Once Aria walks into Mr. Parker's hospital room, she pulls up her sleeve. When she pulls up her sleeve, that exposes her ring, she looks at her ring and starts to cry. Aria cries because of Toby's words 'He can't be saved. He's going to die'.

Aria walks up to Mr. Parker's hospital bed and says "Hi. If you can hear me, hold my hand" Mr. Parker holds Aria's hand. Aria smiles right when Hanna and Jessica walk in. Hanna asks "Is he awake?"

Aria says "No but he held my hand" Hanna says "Okay. I hope he wakes up soon because you've been crying a lot" Aria says "Yeah. I hope that too" Right when Aria says that, Mr. Parker's eyes open.

Once Mr. Parker's eyes open, Aria turns around. When Aria turns around, she sees that Mr. Parker's awake. Aria smiles and says "Oh my God! Hi" and walks over to Mr. Parker's hospital bed. Mr. Parker says "Hi Aria" and they hug.

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