chapter 85

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Patch was still tiring out the mammoth until finally he was able to take the mastodon back to the petting zoo. "Whew, that was harder than I could hope..." he panted a little, but was glad he got to have it happen.

The saber-toothed tiger was wandering around.

"A mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger..." Patch muttered to himself. "I feel like we're missing something... Oh, yeah, how about a sloth?" he then laughed at his own little inside joke.

The saber-toothed tiger then growled at Patch, thinking he'd make a nice lunch for the prehistoric tiger. Patch growled back and ran after the tiger to give him the biggest surprise of his life.

The French man from earlier seemed to watch this with a few other people and was really getting into the fight like it was the most exciting thing he had ever seen. "Not bad for a chein who would be good for a, 'ow you say, rodeo?" he chuckled rather darkly.

Patch seemed to beat the saber-toothed tiger and give it a run for it's money as he began to make it crash on the ground many times, while using it's tail as a whip. The saber-toothed tiger gave in and even whimpered to him. The Loonatics were about to wrap it up for the day until they saw even more dinosaurs.

"Oh, come on!" Felicity groaned, pulling on her pigtails.

Patch was on his way back to the others.

"Monsieur Patch..." the French man walked over to the Dalmatian. "I saw you fight zhe prehistoric beasts with such..." he then demonstrated his fighting moves. "Allow me to make zhe introduction. I am Pierre Le Pew."

"Um, pleased to meet you, Mr. Le Pew," Patch said after covering his nose as soon as he smelled the French man's cologne. "By the way, what the heck is that cologne that you are wearing?!"

"Oh, you 'ave noticed..." Pierre smiled rather smugly. "It is nice, no?"

Patch sniffed again, then plugged his nose. "No, sorry..."

"Now, do not run along," Pierre stopped him. "I am what you might call a promoter of talent. You 'ave done crushing and zhings I 'ave not seen before. Do I 'ave a proposition for you?"

"Hey, Patch, a little help here!" Duck called from the jet he was in after the saber-toothed tiger decided to go after the others.

"You can be the greatest champion in the galaxy, mon ami," Pierre tempted Patch. "And winnings of champions are very nice..."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I really have to go and help my friends with the rest of the animals that are still running loose in the city." Patch said.

"Oh, but we'll make so much money..." Pierre bribed, knowing how certain people were with being paid handsomely for their talents.

"Cha-Ching!" Duck overheard that and stopped, but it had knocked out the saber-toothed tiger, putting him in a brief coma. "Did I just hear 'money'?" He then looked to the fallen tiger. "Sorry, Smiley, but playtime's over!" he called before teleporting out of his jet.

"You will be say, 'ow you say, filthy rich..." Pierre continued to bribe Patch into joining him.

"I don't know...." Patch said unsure.

"Hey, hey, now," Duck appeared then. "Tell me more about the 'rich' part, he doesn't seem that filthy..."

"What's it to you, duck?" Pierre glanced at him.

"I'm his manager." Duck folded his arms.

"You are?" Patch glanced at Duck, that was so not true.

"Yes I am." Duck said. "Now tell me more about the money."

Patch gave him a look.

"Hey, we'll split it 90:10," Duck offered. "You don't need ten cents, do you?"

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