Chapter 1: Truly The Queen Of Sneaks

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Sabrina walked into Pucks room carefully, watching out for boobytraps. Granny Relda had asked her to tell Puck that she and Puck were staying home alone; they were going to the store. Sabrina was about to call out to Puck when a idea pooped into her head. Why not play a little prank on Puck? Sabrina retreated her steps and went into the bathroom. She filled up 30 water balloons. Only God knows why there was balloons in the bathroom in the first place. All she knew is that it came in handy. She stepped out of the bathroom and back into Pucks bedroom. After a moment of wandering around looking for Puck, she found him, lying by the ocean, his back to her. He seemed to be murmuring something to himself.

"-so pretty I can barely take my eyes off of her sometimes. I hope she doesn't notice when I stare at her." Puck murmured to himself. Sabrina wondered what he was talking about. She decided to listen some more.

"Sabrina must be the prettiest girl in the world. I...I...I love Sabrina!"

Sabrina gasped and dropped the water balloons. Some popped. Puck turned around in surprise. "Sabrina...! Um..." She never let Puck finish. She was in shock, and punched Puck in the stomach hard like the first time they'd kissed. She fled from the room and ran in her room. She slammed her door behind her. Was this all a dream? Or did Puck really just confess his love (by mistake XD) to her?! Honestly, Sabrina had the same feelings. She was blushing like crazy. Should she go back in there and apologize? Sabrina warily stepped into the hall. Puck must have had the same idea, because he was also slowly stepping out of his room. As soon as Puck saw her he blushed. Sabrina ran back into her room. She after a minute, she pressed her ear against the door to her and her little sister, Daphne, room. Puck could see her feet standing near the door so he started to talk.

"Listen Sabrina. I know your right near the door. I-I'm sorry..."Sabrina never let Puck finish. She opened her door a bit so he can see her face.

"Why are you apologizing? I... well, I..." She leaned in and kissed him for what felt like forever ."I feel the same way!"


Thanks you so much! This is just the beginning of my fanfic, and I'm not sure how I did. Please write in the comments if you want to see the second part! I'm going to be copying The Sisters Grimm books so people can read it online for free. No hate please! :) :) :)

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