2. why

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I got up cried a bit but just wiped it off. I walked home casually like nothing had just happened I looked like a crazy psycho woman walking...of course when I got home I showered I was in the 11th grade both of my parents passed and none of my family wanted to take me so I got a part time job walking dogs and another job at Starbucks... Yes I do know how to make all the fraps. And stuff. I live alone in a pretty nice house some of my relatives send me about $4000.00 a week for rent or for groceries so with my jobs I buy myself luxuries,a girls gotta look good ya know..

Luke's POV
I felt so bad I really did like stacey. Just that I had to act like I didn't man I'm such an idiot why do I even bother I don't even know why I would do that Stacey is really pretty every guy likes her. But she chose me...a dog,an idiot, man why would I do this to her...

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