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I think that some people are inconsiderate when it comes to covers...

When the author works hard to make the cover and the person requests them to remove the name that they have put on the cover like 'cover by MelodieSnow' it's like not fair to the author even if you do credit them....

The author spenfs time to make the cover and puts their name in th cover because of this thing called 'getting your name out there' and 'credit'.

I dislike it when people just ignore that factor and ask me to remove the name just because they think it's weird. Especially when it's a fanmade cover and not even a request -.- like seriously!

I put time into making a cover that's not even requested and you just go and do that. It hurts especially since I made it for my friend too....

People. You need to give credits to authors that make covers because they're kind enough to do that. If you don't like the 'cover by MelodieSnow' thing or whatever other authors out in the covers, you can ask them to make it less opaque and it can be translucent which is still okay.

But if you ask authors to remove it, I'm pretty sure they will say no and stuff.

If you hate the 'cover by MelodieSnow', then don't ask for covers and take fanmade covers without credit. I make fanmade covers because I like the story and when you do take it, I'm happy but please don't try and remove/blur out the 'cover by MelodieSnow' thing please ;-; if you do that, then just don't take the cover I made for you.

Do be considerate and think for other authors.

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