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I widen my eyes and my heart start to beat faster. Taehyung's lips is on mine. Soon , my eyes start to hurt so I closed my eyes. I suprising kiss him back. Yeah. It suprising myself too.

Taehyunh then pulled back and I looked down to hide my blushing cheeks.

"Oh... KOOKKACHU!" he chuckled like nothing happened. Did I blushed that easy? Woa Jeon Jungkook. Nice one. I looked away and walked away slowly.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Taehyung shouted. I turned around slowly and still hiding my blushing face. Taehyung pulled me into the hug and I gasped.

"Is it your first kiss?" Taehyung suddenly asked. I just stayed there and remained silent. "I am glad if I am. "

I looked at him confusedly. I mean... what he mean by he glad?

"Kookachu! Let's go somewhere else. I did not came here only to look at lady Jungkook but I am also here for food okay."

"Lady Jungkook!? Excuse me! Since I am good boy , I have to join the show." I puffed my cheeks and walked back to the stage.

I could sense that V was following me from behind since he just giggling all the way to the backstage.

"Stop giggling!" I said , not facing his face. "You know what? From behind , you look like someone naked with my over sized jacket. But still you look adorabled.

I start to blush again and walk faster to the backstage with embarassement.

I arrived at the backstage and it's look like I can change for now. I quickly grabbed my spare shirt and changed.

I expected that Taehyung wait for me outside but he doesn't seem to. I looked around and sport shorty hyung.

"My adorable Kookie! You here!" he shouted and hug me tightly. "You are the most prettiest I swear you know. Pretty than any girls in this school." he said still hugging me.

I just let him hug me and I knew it is weird. Usually I would push him hardly immediately but not this time. I actually looking for Taehyung. I don't know why but I feel a bit sad because Taehyung didn't wait for me.

Jimin pull back lightly and looked at me confusedly. "Jungkook-ah. Your jacket with me. Whose jacket is this?"

"Taehyung. I met him before and gave me his jacket."

Jimin looked down and nodded. "Then you looked for him now?"

I immediately nodded and looked for him back. "By that , I mean he must be cold. You know , his jacket with me so yeah." I said and took my phone out.

I tried to call Taehyung but he seem not on the line. I called him several time but still no answer. I texted him later asked him where did he go.

I waited for a few minutes but still got no answered. I swear I never get this worried to someone beside my mom.

Then , my phone ringing and I quicly picked up.


"Hey! Sorry I left you. I went to my car to look up for my phone. Then I kind of felt asleep."

"You made me worried hyung! Wait... you have car!?"

"Yeah. My parents sent my new car today. And wait! Aww! Someone worried about me!"

"Eh!? You left your jacket with me."

"Then come to my car. Sent it at me. And you should go take a ridr with me."

" I going home with Jimim hyung. I will sent your jacket." I hang up the call and I remembered that I still don'y know which car is his.

My phone beeping and I look at my phone screen.

It's [02허 9597] , black car.

{This plate base on Korean plate number I search at Google Image for the example. I just made by myself. }

This hyung really. I looked back at Jimin.

"Hyung..." I said and cut off by him.

"If you want to go back with Taehyung , just go."

"Really? It's okay hyung?"

Jimin just nodded and I gave him sweet smile. He smiled back and bid him goodbye.

I looked for Taehyung's car and I found his. I looked at him through the window. He was felt asleep in the car. I knocked the window but he did not aeakr.

Did I took a lot of time to look for his car. I looked at him down to his lips.

The lips that on mine before. I want more. My heart beat faster. In the same time , I still thinking what he mean by he glad that he is my first kiss.

I knocked out from my taught when Taehyung knocked the window back. He gestured me to get in so I did.

"Here your jacket." I said and handed him his jacket.

"Go out now." Taehyung said. I looked at him a bit shocked.

"Uhm... about that... Jimin left me." I said and looked down.

"Hmmph... Then take the bus then."

I felt a bit hurt. I sighed and get out from the car annoyingly.

Taehyung then grabbed my hand I looked at him.

"I am trying to catch the bus before I have to walk. It's night you know." I said.

He just dragged me to his car into the car and he start to drive off.

"I thought you wanna let me go home by bus."

He just keep in silent and I just continue my speech. I mean nagging about the bus.

He stopped his car and get off the car. He pull me and I get off from the car.

"Can you asked me nicely?" I askes and dust off my shirt.

Taehyung pushed me to lean against his car.

"Can you please... stop calling other guys name?"

I stayed in silent and looked at him. And again , he made me confused. Why I can't?

And at the same time , I felt sorry for him

"I am sorry."

Taehyung then leaned closer and I can felt his lips on mine for the second time this night.

I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I placed my hand on his chest. I can felt his heartbeat.

He pulled back lightly and hug me.

"Don't hurt me too , Taehyung."

So I have a bit time to update.

So guys , the bully is 'Kim' so do you want me to make him as Kim WooBin? I know sound crazy since HIM and he older but you know just story.

And next chapter will have YooMin and might be NamJin!

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