My Kitten

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Riley's P.O.V

"Go on Riley, spend at least 5 minutes into the haunted house behind the abandoned hospital" My friends dared me. There were billions of stories about that house and i wasn't from the braviest people around.

"I dont's dangerous" "Chicken...come on it will only be for 5 minutes" I shighed, i'm not gonna win this so why try anyway. "O.k" They cheered.

I started walking towards the house. I turned around and they were no where to be seen. So i am the chicken.. 

I took a deep breath. I wasn't doing it for them but for myself. I wanted to be the brave one and i was actually doing pretty well. I opened the door. Nope nope im not the brave one bye...

But before i could exit the door closed. I walked further in and started hearing loud whimpering. It sounded like..a kitten? Oh gosh the poor thing i need to find it. 

I started following the sound of the whimpering until i came across a door. I opened it and what i saw left me with me with my mouth open.

There, on the bed, was a handsome boy, he had emerald green eyes, long curly chockolate brown hair and some tattoos. "Hi.." i said walking closer.

His eyes widened as he..meowed. What the... Suddenly two kitten ears popped from his hair and a tail started swaying behind him. He was the kitten.

"Please don't come near me..i'm a freak..they turned me into this, all i do is hurt people.." he said, his eyes glowing with new formed tears. "You won't i know it" i said, not knowing where this sudden confidence came from.

He smiled slightly. Fuck he has dimples..... Suddenly a growling noise was heard. I loked at him. Aww he was hungry, "Wanna come with me? I can give you something to eat" "Thank you kind lady" He said running to me and hugging me tightly.

I giggled. He acted like a kitten. So adorable. So we walked together home. I gave him some left over chicken and a glass of milk which he asked for with his hyuge kitten eyes.

It was 11pm. I yawned and soon  he yawned too. He is such a kitten. "I should leave now, thank you for actually giving me something to eat, you are the first one to treat me that good in a long time" he said getting up. "Ehm you know its quite late, you can sleep here" "Thank you" he said and gave me one of his hugs. Gosh this dude was huge.

I went upstairs to get him a pillow but when i got down again he was already curled up on the bed sleeping peacefuly. I covered him with the blanket and slowly lifted his head up, placuing the pillow.

Months later we became a couple. He was the best thing that happened in my life and i like to thing taht he believed the same about me. I'm so clad i saved my kitten.

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