Chapter 3- The Girl Who Lost Everything

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"After that happened, a specific someone, not mentioning any names here, lost everything they ever cared about. Their parents, friends, brothers, and fiance." Continued the voice, which I could now identify as a girl's. It seemed to be coming from all around us, whispering in the wind, yet it had a strong forcefulness behind it.

Saskia, Macon and I were now on full alert mode. We knew we were not going to let some crazy bitch come in here and kill us. I picked up my crossbow from where I had set it down on the log and quietly began to load it up. Saskia grabbed her knife from insider her belt and unsheathed it, standing up and taking a stance. Macon pulled out her gun from inside her backpack on the ground and held it above her head like a dumb-ass, ready to beat the shit out of the stranger if she suddenly ran out from the woods and came towards her.

We had found the gun for Macon around a week ago in an abandoned shed; there were no bullets when we found it, but the person on the other end didn't need to know that. "Look," I called out, "we aren't looking for any trouble, we're survivors. Just like you. So let's all survive here, and show ourselves."

"If you come out and put down any dangerous weapons you might have, I'm sure we can all get along together just fine." Saskia said. She was straining to look through the thick trees for the mystery girl, but it was getting darker; to the point where I could barely see twenty feet in front of me, so I was doubting she would spot her unless she showed herself willingly to us.

I motioned to Macon to stand at my right so all three of us would be forming a circle around the fire and our supplies. A noise, like leaves crunching, came from behind a cluster of trees directly in front of us; we all immediately looked and saw the girl come out from behind with her hands in the air.

Quickly, I put my crossbow to my shoulder and aimed it right for her right thigh, because if she was going to make any risky moves, I didn't want to kill her, a person; we haven't had to resort to that yet, and I don't want to start now. "Slowly, walk towards us." I commanded her. The mystery girl started to shuffle forwards. I halted her steps about ten feet in front of us, saying "Stop, that's far enough."

Now in the light of the campfire, I could see her features a lot better. Her hair was an unruly mess of brown that was concealing most of her face, which was chubby and round, but still had a "I haven't eaten in a while" look to it. Woah, I thought, looking up at her eyes. Those are something I won't ever forget; one of them was a vibrant green, while the other was a chilling grey. I could tell she was most likely blind in the latter because of the white scar running through it.

She was wearing a ruined pair of shorts, a grey long-sleeved shirt that was streaked with dirt, and no shoes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you guys." she said, with a much softer voice than before. The force of it gone, now feigning innocence.

"Why did you say those things then, coming out of nowhere?" I asked her, my voice shaking.

"I don't know, I was scared. P-please, don't hurt me." She stammered with her hands still up.

"Stay exactly right there, okay? Don't move." I told her. Quickly, I pulled Saskia and Macon in closer so we could have a private discussion. "Okay, what do you guys think?" I whispered to them.

"I think, we are in an apocalypse, and I think that trusting anyone else is a number one way to get murdered." Macon whispered back, harshly. "Haven't you seen The Walking Dead? Half of those people turned on each other in the end."

"Oh come on, look at her." said Saskia. We all took a second to look back at the girl behind us; she was now staring at her feet and wiggling her toes. We looked back at each other. "Do you really think that ditz could do us any harm." Saskia finished.

"That's how they seem, right before they slit your throat in the middle of the night. They act all cute and friendly  and innocent until... BOOM, they come and murder you. And guess what, you never suspected them, because all along you thought they were a ditz." Macon angrily whispered back.

"She has a point." I said, debating. "This girl was talking about some serious shit literally 5 seconds ago and now she's acting like it didn't even happen. That does kind of scream disturbed to me." I look back over to see that the girl is now playing with a curl in her hair, seeming fascinated by it. "We can't afford to put our lives at risk for a fruit cake."

"Of course she's disturbed. Look at what's going on around us, don't tell me you haven't been disturbed by any of this." Saskia fired back. She is seeming to be the most keen to let her stay. Huh.

"Good point. But that doesn't explain anything about why she's I say we should invite her to camp with us tonight, and maybe get some answers." I said. I looked at both of them for their consent, to which they nodded; Macon still seeming more reluctant than me and Saskia.

We all leaned back from one another to look at the girl again. "Okay, you can come over here and sit on this log. But don't try anything ballsy or Saskia over here will cut you pinkie off. Kay?" I said. Saskia twirled her knife in her hand to add more to my point. We wouldn't actually do that, but it's best others don't know what we are capable of.

The girl nodded, then slowly edged towards the log in front of us and sat down on it, staring at the growing fire silently. Good, I thought.

Turning away from them, I walked back over to Mr. Macho Pink Hair with my crossbow in hand and pillowcase in my other that I grabbed from Macon's backpack. We got the pillowcases from the same shed as the gun; we found that they make great traps for the toys. Once I got right up behind it, I unfolded the pillowcase, after slinging my crossbow over my back, and quickly threw it over the unicorn.

As I thought it would, it goes ponyshit crazy. Swiftly, I gathered the ends of the cloth and unhook the arrow I shot at it from the ground, pull it out from the asshats foot, and bring it through the bag. I am not wasting another arrow, I thought. Then I pushed the arrow back into my quiver that's slung over my left shoulder and bring the protesting bag over my right shoulder.

I turn and walk back to the other girls. Stopping right in front of the fire, I throw the pillowcase with the animal inside into it and watched as it burned and the smoke swirled into the warm evening air. The smell of burnt cotton quickly filled our senses. Kaden: twelve, toys: 0.

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