Chapter Three

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It was odd looking at Russel and seeing pain and something of confusion. She was mostly used to seeing her as a wise and for the most part patient and calm woman. 2D always felt in a strange awe of it, really. She wondered if there was anything that she could do to help Russel feel like her old self again. Just guessing that she didn't feel like it in the first place.

2D especially felt a great need to support Russel because well, look at all the support that she had given her all these years. Especially when it came to defending her against Murdoc. It would seem wrong not to do everything in her power to do the same for her. Sure there were those times when Russel would snap at 2D or even say things as mean as Murdoc to her, but it was much easier to forgive Russel for it because she knew that Russel just really cared about her and Noodle. Murdoc how ever....she never really liked to think too deep on it. She figured maybe it was due to her past. Murdoc's past. That was something else 2D had never taken into account. Like why she acted that way and how all those years of her drunken mother's abuse she must have had to live with. Her past was very different from 2D's altogether. 2D came from a bit more of a comfortable back ground and had a cleaner past as far as crime and things went. She also didn't curse, drink, or sleep around half as much as Murdoc did.

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