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I was so hungry I was just waiting for my food. I saw that they had my favorite, Orange chicken. Yessss,thank you something I can actually eat. If you didn't find out before I love food mostly cuz I don't get a lot of it at home. So when I am at school it is my only chance to actually eat. With me being the food lover I am I ran straight to the line ignoring the looks I got from the other people in the cafeteria.

"You must be one hungry girl." The prince told me I tried to ignore him but couldn't .

Yes I am why do you want to know"I said not at all amused.

"Just wondering because the way you ran across the lunch room like they were going to run out of food if you don't get in the line fast enough."

"Well I can run across the lunchroom if I want I am hungry. I can clearly tell that I ran here I don't need you to say my every move, that just gets annoying. "

It was true he was cool when he was just quiet now all the sudden be is talking to much. Well in my case he is I guess I am just mad that I have to take care of him until he leaves. You want to know what the funny part about it all is that I don't even l ow his name people just call the royal family by their tittle no one ever knows their first name for safety reasons.

"Helllllllo KC are you awake the line is gone you can get your precious food now." The prince said while shacking me. I don't know why but I didn't want him to let go of me I was like pudding in his hands. It felt so good. I knew that the feeling was going g to end when he let go but why did he let go so soon?

"yeah I'm awake no need to worry." I said as I I tried not to blush. I still felt the felling of his hands on me.

Some girl was staring at me with a looks of discussed. I soon found out that she was the head slut of the school. What for it...... Megen. She was the betas daughter and we never gat along shocking right we used to be best friends till I caught her sleeping withe my cousin, I know the most gross thing you have ever heard and you want to know what the worst part about it was that she drugged him and the did it on my bed! Ever since than she has all ways tries to sleep with every boy i talk to. I lost my appetite thinking of this.

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