No pain, no gain.

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Mum told me that we're having a visit to the dentist. I quickly went to my bathroom, changing my Cheshire cat onesie; quickly hopped in the shower. I turned the tap on. The water drizzled on my body, while calming my nerves. After I was done, I got out of it and wrapped myself in my towel. I quickly changed into white tank-top. I wore my black hoodie over it, pairing it with white jeans and white canvas shoes. Did my hair in my casual ponytail. I was ready for the DENTIST (not really!!).

"It's going to be okay. This pain will remain just for a while." said Dr. Phil, who is my dentist. I could barely talk, due to the pain. "Honey, it will be okay" mom calmed me down, while stroking my hair gently. "Casey, you just need to wait for two more months to get these removed." Dr. Phil comforted me. I smiled in pain because it will be gone like it's been three and a half years with these. I can not wait for it to get removed. I just can't wait for the day, when I'll be free from them, but I know I'll miss these bad boys.

"Casey, has the pain level lowered down?" mum questioned me. "Hmm.. it is still present, but a little bit." I replied. "Okay sweetie, I'm making orange juice for you." said her. I went to my bedroom to finish some of my homework. After I was done with it, Tumblr was my next stop. I updated my blog, then checked other blogs as well. Reblogged a lot of things related to beauty, fitness, nature, music, arts and more. Then, I saw something, which made me upset. I've lost two of my followers; this made me sad. And it was not Andrea. I was expecting her to unfollow me, but she was following me, STILL. The fact of her following me aches my heart, but then I recalled THAT one quote, we all have heard it once in our life time."No pain, no gain." So, I told myself not to worry, you will have more followers someday. And I should be happy because I have like 4,889 followers, this is a lot; I never thought that I'd be blessed with this many people, who are in love with my blog. I honestly am very thankful to those people who are following me. Like they don't even know me.

Tomorrow is Friday and after school, I can use Tumblr more because I feel like I haven't updated it as much as I should've been. I packed my backpack, while thinking about my little place, Tumblr. My clothes were ironed and were placed in my wardrobe as usual. Then, mum called me for dinner. I had chicken corn soup, which was delicious, also my gum was hurting me less.

After, I was done with meal; I headed to my bedroom, then to the bathroom to rinse my mouth and stuff. When I was done, I changed my outfit to my comfy Cheshire cat onesie and hopped in my bed, covering myself in the duvet and fell asleep.

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