Anxious hour

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"AndreaCraw17 is following YOU. AndreaCraw17 is following YOU. AndreaCraw17 is following YOU." My brain kept on repeating it over and over again. " Okay. Stop!" I whimpered, while placing my hand over my temples. It was aching. I was not able to sleep the whole night because of this. Warm, salty tears trickled down my cheek. "I hope no one finds out about this. Tumblr is my only comfort zone. I can not let this happen. I can not let anybody take my Tumblr away from me. I do not want them to find out that this ugly little nerd has something to make herself happy or else they will take my little happiness away from me." I curled up in a ball and sobbed, while covering my face under the duvet.

"" I turned off the alarm angrily. My head was aching so bad. My eyes were swollen and puffy because of crying. My body was aching a little bit too, but some how, I was awake and got up for the school. I took a shower, as usual. It felt good. I felt energised after using "The Body shop- Sweet Lemon shower gel." I got a whiff of myself, it was fresh! I dressed up in my comfy beige sweatshirt, pairing it with black skinny pants and white canvas shoes. After my hair was air dried, I made it in a ponytail. I was done.

My heart was pounding really fast. I was really nervous and wanted to cry because of the fact that I'm being followed by Andrea Crawford on Tumblr. It was never ever my wish, then why did it happen?! "I do not want to attend any classes, but I have to." I tried to convince myself, but I was distracted by yesterday's scene. It kept on replying in my head. My stomach churned. I squirmed, while entering in my English lesson. "Come in, Ms. Richards." Ms. George welcomed me. My heart started hammering inside my chest as I got everyone's attention. I walked towards my chair, while facing the floor. I could hear some murmuring about my appearance. Yeah! This happens all the time. Everyone just hates me and always make fun of me. I'm trying to get used to it. No, actually I'm used to it.

Finally, the last class was over. I quickly left the horde, but as soon as I saw Andrea and her best friend, Jane. My heart started to scream. Sweat started to form on my forehead, I wiped it out and made my way out from the hall. "Ew.. This disgusti-" Andrea was about to say something, when Jane interrupted her and said "Shh.. don't talk to this shit. You know babe she doesn't even deserve to hear your precious voice. Let's leave her alone. Nobody even need her. Look at her, she's always isolated because no one likes her ugly little voice. Her voice is as UGLY as her!" Jane bitterly said and left with Andrea, while rolling her eyes on me. Tears started to form, I left that place as well.

"Caswey.. Caswey?!" I slowly opened my eyes and saw Linda. "Oh, hey! What are you doing here, dear?" I questioned my little sister. "Mommy told me to wake you up." She said in her cute little voice, while looking at me confused. "hmm... Okay. I'm awake." I said. My voice cracked.

"Yes, mum? Were you calling me?" I said. "Yeah. So honey, we're going to the dentist." Yikes! Dentist. "Okay." I replied nervously.

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