Chapter 12

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The next day was a non uniform day, and our Quidditch game against The Serpents.

For Devon the meaning of this game was beating his brother at something, for the rest of the team it was for the house cup, for me it was the fun in the game.
We all dressed and walked to breakfast. There were stares and murmurs.

'Who are they?'

'Emerald looks extra good today.'

'Devon looks good,"

'Is that book worm Rena?'

'More like smokin Rena'

We sat at our table. We've gotten good lucks and such.

"So Chris who do you like in our group?"

"To be honest, Krystal."

"So Anna you like Todd?"

"Yeah," she blushed.

The game was about to begin and Devon was starting to have doubts.

"Dev look at me," I said sighing.

He looked at me.

"We are going to win this thing, okay? You're going to beat your brother and show them your

"Yeah you're right, you're the best," he gave me a hug.

I kissed him on the cheek.

"Team Lets go beat there sorry bums!" yelled our team captain.

A cheer rang out.

Devon and I were Chasers.

Krystal and Tom where beaters. Just beat it beat it.

Viktor was Seeker

Todd is a keeper and these other teammates of ours are in it doing what they do.

Chris and Rena were supporting us.

"Here come the Phoenixes!" a cheer erupted from the crowd.

"And the undefeated Serpents!" another cheer.

"And the quaffle is off, Emerald catches the ball. She aims for the goal, It was a fake, she passes it off to Devon who scores the shot, It is 10-0. Fire Clan in the lead. The ball is again taken by the Phoenixes. Emerald shoots and scores. It is now  20-0. Nice one! Krystal beats away the bulger. Todd misses to block the shot of the star player Demetri Saunders. It is now 40-10. Where have the  Serpents went to? Step it up!  The snitch has been spotted by non other than Krum,"
"Its neck to neck Krum is  nose up, there diving and last minute Krum spirals upward and catches the snitch!"

"The first time ever! The Phoenixes rise up from the ashes and beat the Serpents!"

"Yes!" yelled the team.

"We've won!" we yelled.

Devon hugged me and twirled me around.
He gave me a peck on the lips and put me on his shoulders.

During the Celebration

"Devon If you can't go to Hogwarts, I'll come with you,"

"No its fine,"

"You sure?"

"Yeah I'm sure."

I nuzzled next to him. He put his arm around me. I read my book. I actual don't have to read educational books anymore. I just stroke the bindings and instant knowledge. Right now I am Reading a muggle book Romeo and Juliet. This is my second time. I just don't understand why they will kill themselves to be together. Seems crazy. I fell asleep on Devon's shoulder.  When I awoke, I was on top of him my head in his chest and his arms securely on me. I turned my head.

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