Drunk texting ♡

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I'm actually in the mood to get high right now hah don't judge me stay in school kids


You're at the club with your best friend and Ethan is at home with grayson. Btw you two are dating.

You: heylo

Fun sponge👫: hey kiddo

You: don't call me thattt I'm a grown ass woman

Fun sponge👫: y/n are you drunk?

You: no

Fun sponge👫: which club are you at? I'm coming to pick you up.

You: I'm notttt I'm fine stop being a fun sucker go away and play with your alpacas.

Fun sponge👫: babe, come on. I've told you already, I don't own any alpacas. You're drunk.

You: oh my god Ethan guess what?!

Fun sponge👫: what?? Is everything okay??

You: I saw an old man and he was so cute and it made me sad because he reminded me of you and I just love old people and I love you

Fun sponge👫: aw baby, I love you too. Now tell me your destination.

You: fuck off I'm gonna tell your mom

Fun sponge👫: 😂😂 calm down honey, I just wanna pick you up. It's like 2am!

You: no shit Sherlock! Call y/b/f idk where tf we are for shit. Bring me candy

Fun sponge👫: ok babe, I'll be there soon! Stay where you are!

You: nah I'm just gonna travel to London and start debating over politics and shit.

Fun sponge👫: you're cute. See you soon baby.


You and Grayson were both at a house party and you were messaging eachother from either side of the couch. You're v drunk but he isn't.

Fuckboy😈: sup baby

You: I will call the police you grandma

Fuckboy😈: don't be mean

You: I'm not you are

Fuckboy😈: k

You: I see you checking me out

Fuckboy😈: maybe 😉😏

You: sorry bup but I don't like you anymore I'm in love with my goldfish Jeremy

Fuckboy😈: okay princess. Let's go home and watch a movie.

You: nooooo I wanna dance

Fuckboy😈: the music here is crap I'm coming to get your sexy ass

You: go away I will cry

Fuckboy😈: I love you

You: ew 

Fuckboy😈: 😭

You: ooh I want carrots

Fuckboy😈: I want you

You: don't be a horny fuck

Fuckboy😈: I can't help it

You: I'm going home with Ethan

Fuckboy😈: too late I'm giving you a piggy back now love you

I couldn't think of much I think I have writers block lmao yah keep voting peeps

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