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i woke up cuddled up to johnson and a bunch of the boys taking pictures of us. i guess we both fell asleep and now they're our paparazzi. 

"oh my gosh guys go away" i said burying myself into jack's chest, making him squirm and wake up. i'm sure this looked horrible from the guys' point of view. i mean in their eyes i only had a bra on, which is true but it's a bralette so it's nothing, but i still have on my leggings under the covers. johnson is wearing nothing but his boxers and his shirt and sweatpants are on the floor.

"get out you guys are annoying" johnson said, throwing a pillow at them. after giggling like school girls and mumbling stuff about how we just 'fucked' they left and closed the door, and i pulled my head out of his chest, which if i do say so myself is very muscular, and just looked at him.

his eyes looked really blue with the sunlight shining on them slightly through the sheer curtains. his jaw looked so much more defined as well as the muscles on his upper arm. not to be blunt but he looked so fuckable right now. i would act upon my sexual frustration but it would only make things with me and gilinsky worse. actually i really don't care anymore.

i leaned forward and kissed him roughly, he was surprised for a second but quickly kissed back. he sat up and i brought my left leg over his lap now straddling him. i reconnected our lips, running my fingers up and down his toned abs. i pulled back and went down to his neck, leaving little love bites all over. i backed up a little and started to kiss down his torso toward the tent growing in his boxers. i started palming him through the soft cotton of his calvin's and before i knew it i had my mouth around him. i slowly began bobbing my head, while stroking the rest with my hand, and looking up at him through my eyelashes. he was a moaning mess and he kept running his hand through his hair which was so hot. after a few more bobs i felt him twitch in my mouth, he moaned loudly and came in my mouth. a/n this was such a bad description fuk me

he pulled himself together and i grabbed my sweater off the floor and walked back to my room, to see two girls smiling their heads off.

"what was that sound? you heard it, right lana?" sage said smirking as she walked into the bathroom.

"oh yeah, i wonder what that was. did you hear it luna?" lana asked looking at me grinning.

"oh and btw you have some white stuff on your mouth" sage said from the other room. i walked into the bathroom and wiped the 'white stuff' off my mouth with my finger.

"you guys are morons" i said as i walked back into the main room to put on some makeup. i sat down at the vanity and opened up the drawer with my foundations, concealers, contour sets and primers.

"whatever luna" lana said lying on the bed with her laptop probably on tumblr or something. i applied primer to my face and started applying my highlighting and concealing makeup, then blending it with my egg shaped blending sponge.

"you know, i'm really hungry. we should go out to eat with the guys" sage said walking out of the bathroom and heading straight for the closet.

"yeah we should. just let me finish my makeup and we can go downstairs to tell them" i told her. i quickly finished up my brows and started on my eyes. i put on matte eye shadow and applied my eyeliner, because i got eyelash extensions a week ago i didn't have to worry about falsies or mascara. i put on my favorite 'mac' lipstick called, photo, and me and the girls headed downstairs to hear nothing but a few laughs from the game room. we walked to see only sammy, the jacks, a boy i didn't recognize and gilinsky's slut from earlier. it's just weird to think that i fucked every boy in this room except the one i didn't know and i think that's going to change very soon.

"since they just woke up i would like to introduce you guys to my very best friends, sage and lana, even though you guys already met over a computer" i told the boys playing pool, they stopped playing and were basically drooling over them and it was funny. "that's jack johnson, over there is jack gilinsky and his friend madison, that's sammy and i'm not sure who that is" with each name i pointed at the boy.

"my name is nate but everyone calls me skate, pleasure to meet you lil mama" he said walking over and grabbing my hand placing a soft kiss on the back. as he came closer i noticed more of the little details like his dimples, they are to die for omg.

"where is everyone?" i asked johnson, walking towards him as he placed himself around the table ready to shoot. 

"nash and hayes went back home because chad is really sick, taylor, dylan, aaron, matt and jacob left for no reason and shawn went back on tour" sammy said, walking by lightly brushing his hand against my ass. i guess jack saw so he grabbed madison's hand and stormed out. he has no reason to be mad, he shouldn't have played me like that in the first place.

"well now that they're gone, me and my girls were wondering if you guys wanted to go to a casual dinner with us somewhere?" lana asked sitting down on a beanbag, sage following but sitting on lana's lap.

"sure whenever you girls are ready, we can head out wherever you wanna go" johnson said. i mumbled an okay and we rushed upstairs to get ready. I went straight to the closet while the girls both sat at the vanity to start their makeup. lana started playing music on her phone and connected it to the room's built in speakers. the valley by miguel came on and they both know this is my song. i had already taken off my clothes leaving me just in my underwear when I started singing.

"i'm your pimp, i'm your pope, i'm your pastor baby

confess your sins to me while you masturbate

shepard fairy shit, oh baby, like I'm your master babe" i sang to lana dancing around the room when sammy opened the door with johnson and skate behind him.

"this is art baby, play your part babe, then we all get paid.

i wanna fuck like we're filming in the valley

i wanna push and shove and paint your hills and valley

i got a rad idea to expedite the ride

put it over, put em to the side

i'm talking, lips, tits, clit, sit, lips tits, clit, sit. k i'm done" i said laughing, walking into the closet to get dressed. the boys had already settled in while i was singing.

"we came in here the farthest room the nasty couple down the hall" one of them said. my stomach knotted when they said that.

"who is that girl anyway?" lana asked.

"that's jack's girlfriend, she's a slut and none of us like her, simple as that" i think skate said, making me jump and knock some stuff down.

"are you alright?" sage asked knocking on the closet door.

"yeah, but will you help me with my bra?" i said as an excuse for her to come in.

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