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We had the BEST drama lesson. When we were practicing our scripts i made everything better by being extra dramatic and Hannie and I had a fake fight and I screamed at her "DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS KEEPING UP WIH 6 BOYFRIENDS?" and we were all laughing and Tess highfived me twice. XD

Zayde poking me in drama and then going back inside. I look for my gun, but Hannie took it earlier so I storm off towards the door and shout "dammit hannie has my gun... HANNIE, I NEED MY GUN?" Or something like that, and then I turn around and Emileh and Tai-iba are bending over laughing, then flip their heads back.

Holleh randomly joining our group and pretending to be Hannies gf, but im hannies gf and holleh goes up to Hannie and sits by her and Hannie says "no Ronda i told you not to come today" and Holleh says "sorry" and i stand up and ask "is there something I don't know about here?" And Hannie says there's nothing here and somewhere in there holleh sys "this is all my fault" or something AND JUST EH, LIFE GOT BETTER

but obviously, sadly, happiness doesn't last forever.

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