Part two

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"Guys pack up we are leaving. Lupe are the blue prints ready yet?" I asked looking around. "Ya and why do we have to leave?" She asked handing me the blue prints. "Because Minho got himself in trouble so it means that we are involved. The counsel is going to send everything at us." I said taking the blue prints. "Wait so Minho got in trouble and the head lady is going to send everything why?" Hector asked looking confused. "They are lieing to us. We where taken from our parents to be tested on they are playing with us like dolls!" I yelled softly. "Wait so what makes you say that?" Asked lupe. "Because Minho was better at using technology and he hacked into the mainframe. The got into top secret files." I said looking inshore of what I had just said. "Ya monho is the best at hacking." Hector said laughing. "He didn't do that I did it for him. He asked me to get the codes so he could finally see if his theory was true. Well I am guessing that it was because he is know on the run." Hector said brushing his ginger hair. "Why would you do that? This means that we can all die to some crazy theory." Jaz said shaking her head. "Guys Minho left this." I said holding out the paper I found in his room. Liv took the paper and read it aloud.
Dear Jaz, liv, Hector, Lupe, and Alice
       If you are reading this I did something wrong. The counsel is after me. They have been lying this whole time. They stole us from out parents to do a study. They wanted to see how well we can work together. As of right know you all are going to be hunted. Run!!! They will do everything to keep it all a secret!! Everything is going to change!!
"What dose he mean by study us?" Liv asked. "I don't....Wait do you hear that?" I asked looking out the office door. I squinted my eyes to see down the hall. Then I saw little lights. "Let's go know!" I said softly. I looked back at them and waved them to fallow me. I looked back at the hall and started moving to the next room.
         The next room was a meeting room. I crawled to the corner of the room and waited for the rest of the group. "What is happening?" Lupe asked me. "They are after us know." I said crawling to the vent by the wall. Hector opened it and waved us all in. "Hurry!!!" Said liv a little to loud witch are uninvited friends heard. "This way!!" One of them said. "Liv you and your loud mouth." Jaz said with a grin on her face. "Just get in." Hector said pushing liv in the vent.
     When Hector finally got in and shout the door of the vent we saw them. "I thought I heard them. The noise came from this way." Said one of the men. They where wearing army outfits and had big guns and I mean big. "Check the other rooms!" The guy who was in charge said. They all left the room.
      "This way." I said walking down the vent. "Why do they even care if we know?" Lupe said from behind me. "Because they might think that we might stop listening to them and leave." Hector said. "Shhh..." I said as I stoping moving. "What is it?" lupe asked me. "We are almost at the bottom of the building and we kinda have a problem." I said with an unhappy tone. "What is it." Liv said pushing hector up a little. "There are people with guns out side the building." I said with an unhappy tone again.

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