What Is Life

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[Before the third book of The Maze Runner series - The Death Cure, WICKED has found a cure to the deadly virus - the Flare, and all who weren't immune were saved, including Newt. Now all of you are in paradise]

A/N so all of these imagines are in the reader's point of view unless stated.

The room was filled with darkness as I was curled up in a corner, crying silently.

It may sound like an incredibly stupid reason to be crying but, it was over a boy. Yes, that stupid cliché story where the girl loves a guy but the guy doesn't like a her back. Well, this is the life i'm living in, isn't it?

I couldn't see anything but I tried to feel my surroundings as I slowly made my way back to my bed.

"Crap!" I shouted in a whisper, while hitting my side against the nightstand.

"Every time Y/N. Stop being so clumsy, my Lord," I mumbled to myself.

I finally found my bed and crawled onto it. I sighed while I stared at the ceiling. 'What is my life honestly?' I thought to myself. It was good and all, escaping from the maze and the scorch, into paradise, but why can't a guy just like me back? 'aM I THAT UNAPPROACHABLE?' I screamed in my head.

Newt's my guy best friend but I have really strong feelings for him. The type of feeling where you felt like flipping tables and chairs while you screamed your feelings for him.

Ugh. What is life. Can someone please explain? You live to feel like shit, then die and get forgotten.

A light knock on my room door interrupted my thoughts. I turned my nightstand's lamp on and lazily walked over to the door and swung it open, not giving a care to whoever this person was. Why should I? they're knocking on my room door in the middle of the night.

What a surprise, Newt's here *note the sarcasm.

I didn't want to be mean so I just put on a fake smile and gestured him to enter.

He comes here almost every night, wanting to sleep in my bed because he claiming he was 'lonely.'

Honestly I never wanted him to come in here and see me like this, but he's my best friend and I didn't want to hurt him.

The first few times he ever came into my room in the middle of the night, he noticed the puffy-ness of my eyes from all the crying, but I came up with excuses and he doesn't really bother about it anymore.

"Hey," Newt croaked, his voice was raspy as he looked at me with his bloodshot eyes and disheveled hair. I smiled as a reply.

He leaned against one of the corners of my room as I made my way to sit on my bed.

"Why do you always come over to my room at 4  in the morning?" I questioned.

"Y/N, I told you, I get lonely... and well, scared."  he said, mumbling the last part.

"Yea I know that but, why my room?" I asked, irritated.

"Because you're my best friend, Y/N." He shot back.

There was a long pause of silence. Though it wasn't the awkward type of silence.

Newt came over to sit next to me on my bed while wrapping his arm around my waist which sent goosebumps down my spine.

"C'mon, it's late, we should probably sleep." Newt mumbled, yawning. He crawled over to one side of the bed and laid down.

Soon, after staring at the wall for a good five minutes, I crawled to the other side of the bed and turned off the lamp.

A few seconds later, Newt's arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I then fell asleep in his tight embrace.

hey guys, so okay this might suck crap but I was bored so I just made some crap up and boom.

but seriously, I hope it's okay and if I ever published this, just congratulate me bc I don't think I am going to.

okay so i'm gonna post a part two like idk when, but I am.

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