"Oh for the love of all things good - he is so insane!" I groaned, waving the driver back to his occupation.

"Holy cow, Lily!" I gasped, reaching for my bag in a flash and digging for my phone.

If Niall was following me home, Liam's convertible would definitely be there. He couldn't see that. Liam had to remain single, it was in a contract thing they signed with Niall so business would boom. I picked up on a few things after nine months of him being around. They managed to keep their relationship a secret for this long, I was not going to be the cause of it being broken up.

"Hey dude, could you take the longest possible way to the address I gave you?" I asked, receiving a nod in return.

I tapped her name and waited for her to answer. She took so long sometimes.


"Lily, tell Liam to get the hell out of the damn apartment."

"What? Why?"

"Niall's following me back, for some strange reason and he can't see Liam. Tell him to get out now. Sorry if I ruined your time with him."

"No, we were just watching a movie waiting for you to get back. Thanks for the heads up. I love you."

"I love you too! Tell Liam get out."

"Yes ma'am!" she laughed, cutting the call.

It was almost two thirty when I got home. Thankfully Liam's car was gone. I paid the guy and thanked him, rubbing my eyes as I turned to face Niall.

"You're a freak of nature, what the hell?" I screamed, he instantly holding a finger to his lips, gesturing for me to be quiet.

"I will not be quiet." I whispered loudly.

"What the hell Niall? Why'd you follow me?" I asked, feeling weird.

"You said we're friends, I thought this was the proper thing friends do? I mean, I've never had a female friend before, so I don't really get it. I just wanted to make sure you got home safe."

"Even after I yelled at you?"

"Even after you yelled at me. I don't really bother about it though, so you shouldn't either. But what I said was true."

"It may be true, but it's still wrong. You can't treat people like pawns."

"Have I ever treated you or anyone you know like pawns?"

"Yes and yes."

"That was a few months ago." He groaned.

"So what's changed?" I countered.

"I don't know, I really don't know." He said, looking lost himself.

"It's really late, do, do you wanna come in for coffee or something? I have a ton of homework anyway, I need something to keep me up." I offered, feeling a bit bad for my outburst. Maybe I over reacted and ruined the night. It was only fair for me to make up for it.

He looked conflicted for a few minutes, contemplating. A cold gust of air rushed by, causing me to gasp. I was in shorts after all.

"Sure, lets go quickly. It's quite cold now." He said, walking a step closer to me. I nodded and began walking, feeling his hand on the small of my back.

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