All For Deena.

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I sprint to the window and fling it open, the demon smashing at the door behind me, screeching. I hear wood chips falling on the ground behind me as I lean heavily against the window.

Deena is standing in the garden looking up at me, pointed face pale and terrified. I throw my phone to her.
"WHAT'S THE PASSWORD?" She yells. I can't tell her, otherwise the demon will be able to... Well... Find it. I can't tell her, I don't want her dead. She would be tortured to death. She will have to figure it out. I take a deep breath. Tavris.

"TAVRIS," I scream bloodcurdlingly, pointing into the distance with one hand.
"TAVRIS." I scream, hand still outstretched. Her head whips towards where I'm pointing, then back again, seeing nothing. She is close to tears, but I still cant tell her. Imsorryimsorryimsorry. Iloveyoumysisteriloveyoumysisteriloveyoumysister.

"PLEASE, TELL ME." Her voice cracks and she falls into a heap on the ground.
"TAVR--." My voice is cut off as I am grabbed by the hair and yanked backwards. Nonononononono helphelphelp

I am pushed by a strong force onto my back and pulled out the room, being purposely made to hit what seems like everything as I'm dragged out the room and down the stairs, my vision turning spotty. After being thrown into the air and bouncing down the stairs, smashing the handrail, I'm at the bottom of the stairs.

Unable to move, I hope it's all over and just lay there, too broken to even twitch a finger. Blood trickles down the side of my face from gashes caused by jagged wood edges and smashed glass. If I had enough energy to scream in pain and for help, I would be, and I would've been screaming for a long time now. But I can't. Instead I weakly grit my teeth, but even that saps up my energy all too quickly.

I stay conscious as I am pulled through the ruins of the house one last time. Until finally, blood streaked, broken and bruised, my head hits a concrete slab. I smile through my broken teeth and mutiliated face as my vision goes black for the last time.

I don't want Deena to see me sad or haunted ever again. My face falls to the side and I catch sight of myself in a piece of shattered mirror. Seven years bad luck. I look horrible and almost beyond recognition. My teeth broken, skin littered with cuts, bruises and blood streaks, skin drawn, pale and sickly and eyes almost glazed. My smile seems like one of a horror film.

Fits me perfectly. I stare at reflection for a bit longer, before using the last of my energy to look back up to the ceiling. I stare as cracks start to make their way across it and the gap between each part gets wider and wider. The ceiling gives one last groan. I smile wide for the imaginary camera as the ceiling collapses on me. Goodbye Deena. The pain ebbs away and I'm gone.

A maimed corpse of a girl lies, smiling, underneath the wreckage of a fallen ceiling, covered in a fine covering of plaster.


The plaster does nothing to help hide the number of cuts pockmarking her horrifying face. Her smile is that if one which has seen much, knows all and will never tell. Under the layers of blood, cuts and horrific facial remains, the smile is broken, but almost smug.

She will not tell her secrets. The officer sighs and his colleagues look over at him, hands empty of knowledge of who caused the murder. The only signs of someone else there were the signs of a youngish girl, her footprints only found outside the house. She didn't kill this girl, but she might know something.

"Find her family." The officer concludes. His workmates nod quietly, knowing of his past life. They will not push him.

They exit the room, while the officer stays. The man looks down at the smiling corpse.
"I will find out what happened, Zoelia Maddy Burnan." He uses her full name. Then he too leaves.

Somewhere in a different room of the house a woman's laugh sounds. The officer freezes, but doesn't investigate.

Good thing too, otherwise it might not have only been Zoe's murder that night.

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