Chapter 1

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•Blakes POV•
Beep beep beep...
   Great another day of hell or as people call it "school". Well let me introduce myself, I'm Blake Espinosa. Yes Matt's little sister or you might know me as my towns Bad Girl. I like to paint art or graffiti as others call it.
     "Dylan get up!" yelled Matt."I'm going!" I screamed back. Now, what to wear?
       I look through my closet and find a red and black flannel, a pair of black high waisted ripped skinny jeans, a black cropped top, and my favorite black thick heeled booties.
       I throw on my clothes do my makeup of a simple winged eyeliner and mascara. Then I hear Matt yell,"Blake hurry up we're late!".
         I yell back,"Well I don't wake up perfect and perfection takes time." I then let my hair lose in its natural black waves that reach half way on my ass.
       I run downstairs and tell Matt in my seductive voice,"Hey Matty I'm done." Matt looks shocked at me before coming up to me and pushing me up against the wall and says in a low raspy tone,"Do that one more time and I'll have to fuck you right here right now."
         Ok let me explain before you start thinking," Ew that's gross like aren't they siblings!"
          Well yes we are are siblings... by law. We are STEP-siblings. So we don't share the same blood and we technically aren't family so it's kind of a little bit okay.
              Matt leans into kiss me and I grab his shirt pulling him closer. I can feel his hot breath fanning over my lips before closing the gap between us. Matty kisses me hard and good. His hands start going down my body giving my ass a squeeze causing me to gasp. He takes that to his advantage and plunges his tongue in my mouth making the kiss more heated.
       After 5 minutes we finally pull apart. In between pants I say,"Matty I think we're late." Matt chuckles and smirks,"Guess we are."
        Our parents come in and sigh,"Great they made out again."

  Hey hope you enjoyed. If you don't like a little incest GTFO.
Luv, Bella

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