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Is the first thing I hear when I wake up for school I look at my phone 6:00am
" SHAY WAKE UP ITS 6:00 O'CLOCK " I hear my dad yell at me from downstairs.
"OK I'M UP geez " I yelled back
I stretch in bed and I get up and go open the curtains and when I open them I looked at the beautiful outskirts of London. I slowly make my way to my wardrobe. I pull out my favourite galaxy jeans, white t-shirt and my black hoody. I walk to my bathroom, shower, get dressed, put on light makeup and brush my hair. After I take on last look at my reflection then make my way downstairs.
" Good morning dad" I said to dad as I made my way to the kitchen.
"Good morning sweetie" dad said as he kissed my forehead. I walked over to the fridge to see what was in there. There was nothing but eggs,milk and something my dad takes to eat during the day when he's working. I wonder over to cupboard and pulled out some poptarts.
" what are you working on today dad" I asked him.
"Yes I am experimenting on some bacteria that is the off the coast of Africa to see how it glows" he answered me.

I bow my head, I feel so sorry for the poor things he experiences on because all the things he toys with and he slowly kills them for his own enjoyment and that makes me sick to my stomach.

" well while you torture living things with feelings I'll be at school bye dad" I say to him as I walk to the door.
" Shay you know it is all for a good reason " he says with no emotion in hid voice.
I scoffed as I walk outside. He needs so sort of emotion in his life.
Since mum died when I was 5 him emotions went out the window.
Well this the first chapter tell me what you think
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