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5 months later 6months pregnant

Morgan pov

"Mom hand me my phone"i asked and she gave it to me since it was next to her my belly if very big now im 5 months mash still jas not talked to me but the giys have they say he still cares for me but how and the guys are very supportive. I opened twitter to get a non from Nash i opened it saying " when u fall in love u forgive every mistake they made except for one that take invantije of you " i sight and commented " hmmm its true but it seems like u dont get the quote how about u read it over before u start pointing fingers " and i logged out of twitter and opened ig i posted a picture of my belly just now saying "i love u thats all u need" and smiled ass i got lovely comments and then also bad once but idc today i go find out what the baby is boy or girl im so happy "ok honey bunny lets go" mom said and we walked in the car to the hospital

In doctors

"How u feeling Morgan " doctor Kate asked " ive been good just wondering what it is " i said excited she laughed and placed the gell on my belly i saw a lil body all grown "well theres your lil healthy baby now wat may u be " the docter said i laughed "well congratulated honey its a baby girl look at the lil parts shes a lil princesses" me and mom huged i was crying so was she "omg a baby girl "i said as i got off the table "ok ill print out the pics and next appointment is on the 7 of October " i nodded and we walked out and took our pictures i smiled looking at tham " mom ama call aaron and tell him " i said and she nodded first i posted the pic (on top) saying "my lil bundle of joy Finally now wat u are "

I then got a call from Aaron

A- omg wat is it

M- well hello too


M-who's listening

A-all the guys except nash

M-u guys can tel no one ok cus im ceeping it a secret till shes born dont yell it out cus i now u

A- its a girl (whispering yelling time)

M-aii well have a good day we are guying baby shopping

A-byee (everyone)

We got to the store and got crub bouncer bassinet baby clothes baby pampers diapers whips bottles bibs pacifiers shoes hair products body products stroller car seat. Nursery furniture

I posted a pic of the nursery stuff its all creamy colors tho and posted "3 more month's and i can hold u. But let me start " i said

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