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The dinner table was awkward to a point where the tension could be cut with a knife the funny thing is we were smiling.

I was just staring at Kendall remembering what almost happened in my room and feeling my little self get hard as my hand played on her inner thigh.

I could feel myself getting excited and wished I could take her up to my room and finish of where we ended.

"Soo....have you decided on names for your unborn son"Dad asked looking between me and Wendy.

"Actually I have the perfect name...Keadon Kennedy Miller"I said smiling as I watched Kendall blush from beside me probably from the rememberance that she came up with the name.

"That's perfect"Wendy smiled but then her smile turned into a frown as she rubbed her belly.

"Whats wrong....."

"Nothing....just a little kick from the small one"I could tell she was liying but I decided to let it go.

"Lets go for a walk shall we"I asked Kendall and she smiled back at me allowing me to pull towards the front door.

As soon as we walked out the door a wave of cold air brushed past us causing her to shiver.

"Are you cold...." I asked and she nodded so I took of my jacket and placed it on her shoulders.

We walked down the street laughing and talking about a few things when Kendalls phone viabrated.

She smiled down at her phone be4 typing something then turning to look at me.

"Who you texting...."I knew asking this question would cause an arguement but I needed to know who was texting my girl.

"Liam"she said softly his name rolling out of her mouth sweetly ....making me wanna burf.

"Why are you texting him"

"Bc he is my friend...."

"I dont want you to be friends with him"

"Well fortunetly for me you dont choose who I can or cannot he friends with"

"Yes I do that's why I am saying....stay away from him"

"He is my friend....and its not like your my husband...bossing me around..."

She was turning to walk away anger writen all over her face but I held her back by her wrist...

"Let go...your hurting me..."she said trying to pry her wrist from my hand but I upsentmindedly tightened my grip.

"You belong to me...and no one else"

She was crying and I realised I had become mad over nothing and that I might have lost the love of my life.

"No I dont...."she said pulling her bruised Wrist out of my hands and walking away.

That night I didn't get any sleep at all...bc the bed smelt like her...everything in my room reminded me of her.....

I messed up big time and I know this time I am never getting her back.

I hurt her physically which is what I had promised my self I would never do bc that proves that I am just like my dad.

I just lost the most important girl in my life only bc I was jelous and decided to choose how she should live her life....much like how my father would've done.


"Blake....Wendy is going shopping and I am going out with some friends"my mom said walking out the room but stopped on her way out and tutned around so she was looking at me.

"Oh and *slap*... that's for ruining it with Kendall and I expect you to fix it"She said walking out the room while I sat on my bed rubbing my stinging cheek.

I messed up....big time

I spent all day doing chores and planning how I would get my girl back....

I promised her I wouldn't let go of her and now I held on to her too tight that I ended up hurting her.

I need to get her bc I cant live without her....she means everything to me....

Both her and Keadon and even wendy since she is the mother of my child.

Kendall Marie Jones...the most beautiful most amazing thing to ever happen to me and I wont let her go without a fight.

"Hey man..heard what happened with Kendall and I just wanted to tell you....your a fuck up"Brent said walkinh into the kitchen and leaning against the counter.

"I know...I just got really jelous and angry and I hurt her...physically"Brent gaspes when I mentioned hurting her.

"It was only a couple of Wrist bruises but I know to her it was alot ...even to me...you have to understand she means a lot to me and I have get her back"I said feeling tears well up in my eyes.

"I...are you crying"

Brent looked like he was about to burst out laughing when I glared at him and turned back to eating my sandwhich.

"I just really fucked up but I will do everything I can to get her back..."I said with determination be4 making my way to my room...where I planned to spend the rest of my day....

I know its short and a little depressing but I really haven't been feeling this story and I think I am suffering from writers block but I ll be fine....

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