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Slowly, the bleachers began to empty.

The spectators from the game got up and made their way out, stopping to talk to their friends about Leeds U's win as they went.

Harry had been smiling since the final whistle was blown. Louis still hadn't scored a goal that game, but that didn't change the grace and skill he had displayed on the field throughout the game. He was amazing, Harry thought, and looked incredibly sexy in his uniform.

When the game was over, the four friends who had come to see Louis play chatted about the game. Niall was raving about how great the game was, Liam was laughing at him, Zayn silently nodded along, and Harry had his eyes glued on Louis, watching him as he smiled and celebrated with his teammates.

Zayn, Liam and Niall left soon after, saying their goodbyes before leaving Harry sitting alone on the front step of the bleachers, his chin resting in his hands as he looked out over the emptying field.

The teams had left to the change rooms, and the coaches too, leaving only the referees and game officials as well as the water boys and other team helpers milling about.

Harry watched as the mascots took the heads off their costumes and breathed, grabbing a drink before also heading off to get changed.

The referees had a bit of a chat on the side of the field too while the linesmen brought in the flags and soon, the field was empty.

He turned slightly and realized that the stands were empty too, the only sounds were distant voices and cars in the car park as people went home.

But soon enough, everyone was gone and the entire area was quiet enough for Harry to hear his own heartbeat. He checked his watch, realized he had been waiting for half an hour, and sighed as he returned his gaze to the green grass.

And it was cold. Harry had his scarf wrapped around his neck a few times, and pulled his coat tighter around his body as he shivered.

He sat up and leant back, stretching a little as he looked around. The place looked like a ghosttown. And Louis was still no where in sight.

Harry frowned, thinking about what could possibly have happened. Had he been stood-up? Was there anyone even left anymore? He thought he had seen the teams go into the change rooms earlier, but he had no idea how they could be taking that long.

He bit his bottom lip, and was contemplating leaving when he heard voices from across the field.

His head snapped up to where they were coming from, and Harry saw the team finally coming out of the rooms.

He smiled as he saw the team in red, his team, all wearing their tracksuits as they laughed and walked behind the bleachers to the car park where they would go home, when he saw a familiar face appear, lock eyes with him and smile.

Harry gulped, but smiled back, so the red-headed boy decided to go over to him, much to Harry's dismay.

Ed stopped on the fence in front of where Harry was sitting, and rested his elbows on it, leaning over with a lopsided grin.

"Hi." He said in a low voice, making Harry's smile drop a little. Ed was being rather forward, and Harry wasn't sure how to feel about it. Ed was attractive, but Louis was better, even if there was no chance of anything more than friendship being shared with the latter.

"H-Hi." Harry stuttered, trying to casually move backwards, as Ed leaned forwards.

"Did you enjoy the game?" Ed asked and Harry nodded.

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