Chapter 7

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°callums pov°
My alarm went off waking both me and Eren. Crap, i forgot we had school today. "Good morning" i kissed Erens forhead and started to get up when he tugged on my arm.
"Mm-mm'' he shook his head and pulled me back in bed. "Baby, we got school" i said softly stroking his hair, then added "we can take a shower together" a big grin spread across my face as he jumped up and ran to the bathroom.
"But we have limited time, ok? We gotta hurry" he nodded his head and got it.

°After getting ready°
I wonder if eren remembers that my birthday is on friday.... i hope so. We walked out to my truck and got it, eren reached in the glove box and pulled out a CD i didnt know it was Snow whites posin bite, until 'its the end of prom night' came on(above video). "Wanna go to Starbucks real quick?' He nodded his head and slightly jumped up and down in his seat.

I pulled up to starbucks and held out my hand helping eren get out. We walked in hands together up to the counter where there was a teen probaly no older then us. "What can i get you boys today?" He flipped his brown hair out of his face and i could see we had the same septum piercing. We said our orders and waited, "hey eren i gotta go to the bathroom ok?" He nodded as i jumped from my seat and to the bathroom.

°Erens pov°
As i sat waiting for callum his name was announced, i went up to the counter where the boy with brown hair and the same septum as callum handed me the drinks and winked at me. My face became red and i quickly walked away just as callum came out the bathroom. I gave him his drink and we drove to hell-uh i mean school.....
"Mr.Dennis, what have i hold you? Headphones out, head up and pay attention!" I groaned as i did what she said but keeping my headphones in without her noticing, wanna know how? Well, you put your headphones in your long sleeve so the ends of them are by your hand put your head in your hand and just listen.

It was just a couple minutes till lunch and me and derek would go meet up with the guys. As i dozed off those minutes went by fast as the loud ringing noice filled the class. Everyone was in a hurry, basically sprinting out the class room. Me and derek stook together sitting at the table. I saw some of the preppy kind of girls walk over so i got up sitting on callums lap, and winked wich made him blush slightly. "Hey boys" a blond with sunglasses on and lipgloss that sparkled, probaly pounds of makeup on. No one really answered we just kept eating. "A-hem, hey callum i was wondering.. do u maybe wanna walk with me for a couple minutes. To you know uh talk" she bit her lip and winked as one of her friends twirled her red curly hair winking at bronx, he just smirked and looked down as he continued to eat. Jessica (the blond) looked at callum "no, not really.." HA BLITCH! She looked at us disgusted. "Are you sure? Ill make it so you enjoy yourself" this continued on for a couple minutes until i stood up and pushed her. "Ugh" she said almost tripping over her heels. Her hand flew to her chest then across my face. Right as i was gonna fling myself at her callums arms wrapped around me. I scowled at her as she flipped her hair. "Fine. But Callum just remember if u get tired of.. whatever he is just give me a ring" she did a phone motion with her and and bounced a little. Callum pulled me back on his lap as we sat down. "Dont worry baby, we'll be together forever" he smilled and i blushed as he gave me a little kiss on my forhead.

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