bed time

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Ezra bed time Kanan"yelled. And you asked if we yelled hera"says walking past Kanan. I know Kanan"says picking Ezra up. Daddy put me down Ezra"yelled started kicking. Ezra it is bed time Kanan" says walking to their room and putting Ezra in his cirdle. Ezra got up and started searming and hitting the bars. Ezra go to sleep Kanan"says walking back to Ezra and picking him up and started rocking back and forth. Kanan walked to a music box and started the music (the song is on top). A blue hair Angel came closer to kanan and kissed his cheek and kissed Ezra cheek to. Daddy Ezra"says tired. Love you Ezra Kanan"says putting Ezra back down and getting in bed to.

Athour note sorry it is short it is 2:35 am where I am so I sleepy

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