The Twins

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A few months later Dr. Rossum said that it was the month we could find out the gender of the twins. We were so excited! We started picking out names two for boys and two for girls and we decided if it was one boy and one girl we will just use one name from each. The two boy's names: Albus Severus Potter, and Lupin Fred Potter. I came up with Lupin Fred and Harry came up with Albus Severus Potter. The two girl's names Lily Luna Potter, and Lilliana Nymphadora Potter. Harry came up with Lily Luna and I came up with Lilliana Nymphadora.

Harry picked Albus Severus for the two headmasters of Hogwarts and the two men who tried to protect him. Dumbledore was the only person that was like a parent and guardian to Harry other than Sirius. And James already had that name. And Harry picked Severus because it was another headmaster and it was the man who loved his mother. As for Lily Luna, obvious reasons. Lily Evans Potter, his mother's first name will be used like his father's was for James. And also Luna for one person who knew what it was like to not have a mother and helped him greatly during the search for Horcruxes. Luna Lovegood helped him find out what of Rowena Ravenclaw's was a Horcrux.

As for me I picked Lupin Fred because Lupin helped us during the war and also helped us find out the truth about the Potter's secret-keeper. We found out Sirius was innocent thanks to him and we were able to save him. And give Harry one of the pleasures of having someone to turn to even if it was for a short time and always in hiding for Sirius was on the run. Fred because he was such a nice man, just like George, a real joker. He and George made all of us laugh when we really needed it, during the war. Also he and George did everything together and they helped us survive Umbridge by causing a commotion to take her away from her office. As for Lilliana Nymphadora, I always wanted to be named Lilliana. It is such a pretty and unique name. And Nymphadaora, Tonk's first name. She helped get Harry in the summer before 5th year from the Dursleys. She was always eager to help and she helped us in the war leaving little Teddy with her parents. And gave her life up for us.

Anyway we went in too see what gender or genders our twins were going to be. We went in and Dr.Rossum took my ultrasound she said

"Well, your twins are strong and healthy, and they are both girls!"

Harry grinned with tears in his eyes. When I got up and wiped the gooey stuff off my belly, he helped me put my shirt on and kissed me. A short kiss, because we were in public. We then got out and went to the burrow. Molly came out as sson as she saw us. She came up to us, beaming. She said

"Lavender had morning sickness so she and Ron are going to find out if she is pregnant!"

Harry and I looked at each other

"That's great!"

Harry said


Molly asked. She wanted to know the gender of our twins. We smiled at each other and I said

"They are both girls."

Molly smiled dabbed her eyes with the corner of her apron and her eyes shining, hugged me. Then as I got lunch with Molly Harry sat on the floor to play with James. Molly and I talked as we did the dishes. She asked me what the names are and when I told her she exclaimed

"What beautiful names! And Lily and Lilliana! Perfect for Twins! It's Lily and Lilly!"

I laughed and then we heard a new voice. It said

"Mum, we're back! Oh blimey Harry you scared me. Hi mate."

Molly yelled

"Ron, you and Lavender go wash up. It's lunchtime!"

We all sat around the table and like always Ron started stuffing his face. Lavender slapped him saying

"Will you stop eating! We need to tell them something."

We laughed. She sounded just like me

Ron swallowed and said

"Oh yeah. Um... Harry, Hermione, Mum, we are expecting."

Harry and I said

"Congratulations Ron (Lavender)!"

at the same time to the two of them and Molly's eyes were shining. She looked at us and gave us a slight nod. Harry then looked at Ron and said,

"Well mate, we've got news too. The gender of our twins! They are both girls!"

Ron was stuffing his face again. He nodded swallowed and said

"That's great!"

Lavender said

"That's awesome then! Our kids will be around the same age!"

I nodded and smiled. It was a great day for all of us.

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