A Love Worth Fighting For

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I'm grateful to Ironeyes, his Spyro story: The Fallen Shadow was the first time I'd ever seen music used in Spyro fanfiction.

I've added a note when I want you to play this song, hopefully it will just work but if not... figure out how to get it to work. I assure you that it's worth it.

Story now!

"I want to apologise for my behaviour earlier." The ice dragoness said to Cynder.

Cynder and Miasma were sitting on one of the rooftops of the Dragon Temple. In the room below them Spyro and Seizo were playing some strange board game Cynder didn't know. The ice dragoness who had spoken approached the pair.

Cynder had cried for an entire hour after she had defeated the five dragons who had challenged her. She'd cried first in sorrow, for the earth dragoness Flora, whom she had come close to killing in an instinctive counterattack. Her flood of tears hadn't topped there however.

She'd cried in relief over her success. She'd cried with gratitude, gratitude for Spyro, his gentle voice quieted her as he spoke kindly; his warmth gave her hope as he held her close. She was so lucky to have him.

Finally Cynder had cried in shame, shame over her prideful and violent nature, shame about everything that she'd ever done wrong. She'd cried in shame for a long time.

Cynder had felt better eventually; everyone needs to cry once in a while. Her natural strength and calm had slowly returned to her until eventually she felt brave enough to stop clinging to Spyro for comfort. He hadn't let her go, and she hadn't wanted him too, but she was able to talk and think like a normally functioning dragoness after she'd been given time to recover.

She was a bit embarrassed about it all. Cynder liked to think that she wasn't really the type of dragon to break down like that, she could look after herself. It was all over now though, Cynder was back in control.

Now Cynder felt relief, and not a small amount of satisfaction. She'd kept her Spyro, and beaten five dragons of her age in a single fight, all without any magic. She had tested her skills to the limits, and she had won. Cynder enjoyed challenges, she doubly enjoyed overcoming them.

The four dragons had found a tower room in the Dragon Temple to spend the rest of the day. Class had wisely been cancelled by Master Reon, after Cynder had rendered half of his students comatose.

Now one of those students approached Cynder and Miasma and joined them on the rooftop. The ice dragoness was uncertain of her welcome, but determined to make up for the offence she was sure she'd caused.

"What we did to you was simply cruel, I behaved in a most unladylike fashion towards you and I want to apologise on behalf of myself and my friends."

"You can sit; I accept your apology... um." Cynder didn't know the dragoness's name.

"Cyria, niece to the ice guardian Cyril and apprentice Ice Guardian. I'm sure you've heard all about our noble lineage." The Ice dragoness smiled to show she was joking. Cynder had already developed some respect for the dragoness, and added a touch of liking when she heard her friendly teasing towards her uncle's pompousness. Cyria sat with the other two dragons gratefully.

"I also behaved badly Cyria, and I'm sorry I did."

"Not towards me you didn't, you fought with fairness and amazing skill. I'd like to learn about your fighting style some time, it was nothing like Dragon Standard style or anything we've learnt in the academy."

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