Chapter 11

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"Kokuryuu?" Hakuryuu stared at (Name) and gasped. The many people who had gathered around the duo started breaking out into whispers, their gaze lingering on the (h/c)-haired female.

"I'm sorry, I think you got the wrong person." (Name) forced a smile before squeezing her way out of the crowd. She wasn't used to so much attention. Who was the 'Kokuryuu' anyway? Walking briskly towards the direction of Yona and the rest, (Name) heard the male call after her as his footsteps approached. She quickened her pace.

"Wait!" Hakuryuu chased after the girl. Catching up to her, he grabbed her wrist and spun her around. (Name) flinched.

"You're the black dragon, aren't you?" The male stared (Name) in the eye, as if he was desperately looking for something.

"No, I'm not. I don't know anything about a black dragon." (Name) wriggled and tried to get her hand back, but to no avail. How could she possibly think of competing with the one who possesses the dragon's right arm?

"Are you s-"

"(Name)!" (Name) could hear Yona calling, and she secretly beckoned for Yona to come and save her. The stubborn dragon just refused to let go.

As the red-haired girl came into sight, Hakuryuu's blood boiled and a voice played in his head like a blasting tape recorder.

Warriors of the four dragons! From now on, you are our other halves. With Hiryuu as your master, protect, cherish, and never betray him for as long as you live!

What's going on?! Hakuryuu clutched his right arm and clenched his teeth. It's as it the blood in my arm is flowing backwards!

Letting out a deafening cry, he fell towards the ground.

"Hakuryuu-sama!" The villagers rushed to his side immediately.

"Give him some space!" Yoon instructed as the villagers backed off. Lifting the male's head, Yoon slid his bag under it. (Name) rushed to Hakuryuu's side to assist Yoon and placed the back of her hand to the male's forehead. He was warm, but I don't think it's a fever. The only thing abnormal about the white dragon was that his scaly arm was growing, becoming one a few times larger than his normal hand.

His eyelids slowly opening, Hakuryuu stared at (Name) for a while, before directing his gaze towards Yona and her red hair. Pushing himself up, he stumbled towards Yona and on his knees, he bowed at Yona, his head touching the ground.

"I am the person who has inherited the blood of the white dragon from ancient times. I have been waiting for you, my master."

Suddenly, following the Hakuryuu's example, all the villagers knelt and bowed to the gang, specifically Yona who was with them.

The four of them could only stand stunned, not knowing what to do and how to react.

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