Chapter 13 :

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Lauren POV :

I was not feeling well today, I just wanted to stay home today. So I played the sick card with my mom to stay home today.

I was in bed watching TV and eating cereals when I received a text from Jessica.

"Where are you ?"

I didn't respond , I didn't want to talk to anyone even my best friend.

I just realised that I was a fool to think that I could have a relationship with Mr Haltman.
He was clearly not into me and with him being my teacher it was a none sense relationship.

I was hurt and I hated myself for feeling like that.
I have to move on and the best way to move on is to date other guys.

It was now 4p.m and I received a text from Sean (remember him? Jessica's brother)

"Hey there, it's been a while since I saw your face, are you free tonight?"

"Bingo" I said to myself , I already found my date. So I texted him back and said :
" Yeah I'm free, what are you planning ?"

"It's a surprise , I'll pick you up at 8p.m"

"I love surprises , thank you Sean"

"You don't even know what is it ?"

"Yeah but I know that it'll be great, I know you"

" Well thank you and wear a dress"

So I was happy my life was not completely over.

The rest of the day I planned my outfit, I decided to go with an Aztec black and white dress and black sandals heels.

At 7 pm I started to do my makeup and I finished just in time.
At 8pm he rang on my doorbell

When I opened the door, he gave me a big smile, not any smile a smile when you like that person. I was embarrassed a bit , I didn't want Jessica's brother to be a rebound.

"Wow you're so beautiful" he said

"Thank you, you're not bad yourself"

" Are you ready ?"

"I am, let's go"

He acted like a perfect gentleman. He took my hand we walked together to his car. And he opened the door for me

"Thank you Mister" I said

"You welcome my lady"

He started to drive his car and I remembered that I still didn't know where we were going.

"Are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"No, I already told you it's a surprise !! So no question"

" You're not going to kill, aren't you ?"

" Maybe , you'll see"

"You know that's kind of creepy"

And we laugh together.

We arrived to restaurant. I thought that restaurant was closed but it was not.

"Why there are no people ? Ohh you're going to kill me I knew it"

We were the only person in that restaurant and there was one table at the centre of the room with candle. It was really romantic.

"Omg did you book this place just for us ?"

"Yeah I did, the owner is my friend's father so I asked them if I could book the night and he said yes."

"Omg you're the best, this is so nice"

"And we're going to cook together"

"But you told me to wear a dress, I don't want my dress to get stained."

"Of course, that's why I got us Chef's clothes"

"Why are you perfect ?"

"You think I'm perfect?"

"You did a great job planning the perfect night so you kind of perfect to me right now"

"Thank you, I appreciate it"

"So what are going to cook ?"

"Spaghetti Carbonara ?"

"That's good for me"

"Okay so let's cook"

So we cook the spaghetti carbonara and it turned really good.

And for the desert he had frozen yoghurt, my favourite thing in the whole world.
At the end, we were in front of the restaurant and he took my hand and I looked at me in the eyes.

"It was a really good evening and you are so gorgeous tonight" he said

"Thank you so much Sean, it was perfect"

And he kissed me, at first I gave him back his kiss but I don't know why I started to think about Mr Haltman  and I broke our kiss.

" I am so sorry " I said

"No it's my fault" he said " I shouldn't have kissed you but you are so beautiful and I contained myself all night"

"No it's my fault, the thing is I love someone else. I'm really sorry"

"Ohh ok. And does he love you back ?"

"No he doesn't, but if there is something going on between us, I want to take things slow, I don't want to rush. Can we be friends just for now ?"

"Of course,we can !! I can take things slow"

"Thank you, you are so nice"

He kissed me on my cheeks and we went back to my home and he left me there

"Goodbye sweetie" he said

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